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How to buy TWT

The first steps in purchasing Trust Wallet Token

Trust Wallet Token is one of the most sought-after digital currencies on the market today. Additionally, it is really simple to get, particularly if you live in Turkey and want to purchase Trust Wallet Token using TRY

  1. Create a Trust Wallet Token wallet so that we can send you TWT. 
  2. Visit the UTORG website and enter the amount of TWT you want to purchase. 
  3. Submit your payment information. 
  4. Ascertain your identity. Our verification process is simple and straightforward. 
  5. Acquire your TWT.

Choose a Trust Wallet Token wallet

There are hundreds of wallets available today, and it may be difficult to distinguish the excellent from the bad. Fortunately, there are wallets in each category that have previously shown to be dependable and secure. We recommend using a native Trust Wallet since it ensures highest security.

Additionally, the wallet industry provides online or web wallets, although they come with a slew of drawbacks. To begin, your crypto de facto does not belong to you, since the service stores your private keys. As a result, we do not suggest the use of these wallets.

Three simple ways to choose a wallet

To be honest, establishing your own Trust token wallet is really simple today. Essentially, the method consists of three steps: 

  • Conduct research. Nobody can recommend a wallet that is the best fit for you. As a result, it is vital to do more research on your own - at the very least, read user and professional evaluations. 
  • Software should be downloaded and installed. Select and install a wallet that is compatible with your operating system. The majority of wallets have versions for popular PC and mobile platforms. 

Construct a wallet. In Trust Wallet, which we previously used as an example, you just choose Trust Wallet Token from the list of supported currencies and the wallet is instantly generated.

How UTORG operates

UTORG makes use of a large network of partners to ensure that its consumers get Trust Wallet Tokens at a reasonable price. A proprietary algorithm ensures that the buyer always receives the best possible bargain from a diverse pool of market makers. 

UTORG can supply its services without charging extra costs due to streamlined business procedures and automation. Thus, users get Trust token at its true value, without incurring extra costs.

Which is better for Trust Wallet Token purchases: Visa or MasterCard?

Using a bank card of any form - debit, credit, or prepaid - is the quickest and simplest method to purchase Trust Wallet Token for TRY. Furthermore, there is no practical difference between payment providers when it comes to purchasing Trust Wallet Token using a credit card - both methods are safe, quick, and dependable. As a result, you may purchase TWT crypto with similar simplicity using Visa or MasterCard.

The simplest method of purchasing Trust Wallet Token

Turkey, fortunately, is one of the most convenient locations to buy cryptocurrency - rules are relatively sophisticated, and digital assets may be used as a means of exchange, acquired, stored, and exchanged without violating any laws. 

UTORG is the simplest way to get Trust Wallet Tokens in Turkey. Due to simplified KYC and payment processing, you can buy TWT crypto here in less than a half hour

Step-by-Step guide


Order Establishment

An online calculator is located in the top-right corner of our page. Enter the number of TWT you like to buy or the amount of TRY you wish to spend here - the service will compute the other half of the transaction for you. Additionally, input the Trust Wallet Token wallet's address. 

Then, click the "Buy Trust Wallet Token" button.


Verification through email

We will give you a confirmation code to verify your email address, so provide a valid email address. The confirmation code will be sent to you immediately. In the appropriate area, enter the confirmation code.


Submit card information

Indicate your country of residence and provide your credit card information. Then, after reading our Terms of Service, checking the appropriate box, and clicking the "Pay" button.


Verification of payment

To confirm the payment, enter the code provided by your bank.


Verification of identity

You will be needed to verify your identity for the first time you make a transaction. The verification procedure may take up to five minutes, and UTORG has a system in place to safeguard you from price swings during this time. 

No funds will be deducted from your card until the verification process is complete. Rather than that, we will place a pre-authorization hold on your card for the appropriate TRY amount. As a result, payments will not be deducted from your card until the verification process is complete and the transaction has been validated. 

If verification is not completed, you will not lose any money; you will regain access to the pre-authorized cash within 24 hours. 

For the future transactions, the Identity Verification stage will be excluded.


Awaiting your TWT

Your coins will be provided shortly upon confirmation of payment. Delivery times of up to 15 minutes are possible, depending on the Trust Wallet Token network's traffic. 

Additionally, we will send you a confirmation email with data about the transaction, including a link to the transaction in a TWT coin explorer. This link will allow you to monitor the transaction's status in real time. 

If you have not received your coins within 20 minutes, please contact our support staff. Additionally, our support team will help you at any moment, although it is unlikely that you will want assistance - the procedure is really straightforward.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to buy TWT coin using TRY?

TWT/TRY transaction times are entirely dependent on the Trust Wallet Token network's load. After one confirmation in the network, a secure Trust Wallet Token transaction is complete. It takes roughly ten minutes on average.

What happens if the TWT token price fluctuates significantly while I am filling out the order?

Whatever occurs, the TWT amount stated in the "You get" box will always be received. 

During the order confirmation process, you'll see the total amount of TWT you'll get. 

Additionally, throughout the verification procedure for your initial transaction, money is held on your card and never released, ensuring extra safety. 

If the price changes by more than 1% within this time period, we will send you an email with the final figures and request confirmation of the transaction.

Do you really provide the lowest costs on the market for purchasing TWT with TRY?

It is physically impossible to charge less than UTORG - we charge nothing at all. 

While you may still be required to pay extra bank fees, UTORG is not responsible for them.

What are the buying restrictions?

You may use one card to make up to four transactions each day - that is, within 24 hours following the initial purchase. 

You may acquire up to 5000 EUR equivalents of Trust coin in a single transaction. 

You may acquire up to 15000 EUR equivalents of Trust coin every month - that is, within 31 days of your first transaction. This limit may be exceeded if "Proof of Funds" is submitted. 

For further information, please see our website's “Limits and fees” section.

How tough and time-consuming is your KYC procedure?

It's quite simple and fast. You need just to email us a snapshot of your ID and demonstrate your face to your device's camera. It will be validated automatically within 3 minutes by our AI.

Can I purchase TWT anonymously using a debit or credit card?

You cannot. Any service that accepts fiat money must adhere to anti-money laundering standards, and UTORG is no exception. As a result, we are legally required to conduct a KYC process.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way