A 5 Years Journey with Scorechain in Ensuring Crypto Security

As the crypto world evolves, staying ahead of compliance and regulatory requirements is a must for any forward-thinking company. At Utorg, we truly value safety - it's super important to us! That’s why, five years ago, we made a strategic decision to partner with Scorechain. A decision that has significantly strengthened our ability to manage risk and maintain compliance within crypto.

Scorechain has equipped us with top-notch solutions tailored to the unique challenges of cryptocurrency transactions. Its expertise has been instrumental in enhancing our risk management capabilities and ensuring we stay aligned with evolving regulatory benchmarks. As a result, we've strengthened our infrastructure against potential risks, protecting our business and our customers.

About Scorechain

Scorechain, a leading Blockchain Analytics provider based in Luxembourg, distinguishes itself in the rapidly transforming realm of cryptocurrency compliance. With a steadfast commitment to data protection and integrity, Scorechain offers several unique selling points including API-Centric Seamlessness, Fully Automated Monitoring, and Predictive Threat Detection with Actionable Insights.

The company has developed a robust expertise and a loyal clientele, helping with its services over 350 customers scattered across 45 countries. 


Reflecting on the 5 incredible years of our partnership with Scorechain, we appreciate our collaboration and are ready for further opportunities. Their top-notch services have not only helped us toe the line with compliance but also reinforced our commitment to staying at the forefront of the crypto compliance environment.