Boost your profit with a new payment solution


Install exchange widget on your website


Your visitors buy crypto with debit/credit cards and send it to you


You exchange crypto to fiat in your account



Trading platforms

Crypto exchangers

Affiliate networks


Fintech and Paytech


OTC platforms

How it works

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Already accepting crypto?

By letting clients purchase crypto on your website, you increase the time spent on a webpage as there is no need to go to external crypto exchangers. Be client-oriented and magnify your revenue.

Are you a crypto exchanger?

Grow customer base by allowing your users to acquire all major fiat currencies: USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, PLN, RUB, UAH with debit/credit cards.


Full transparency and control over the funds

The transaction history is available in your personal account


Accept multi-currency deposits

We accept payment nominated in USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, PLN, RUB, UAH to ensure your global reach and to provide extra financial flexibility to your clients


Instant transfer

The funds are exchanged and credited to your account instantly. Make your business swift.


Payin and Payout increases your service line by enabling you to accept deposits from and issue payouts to customers worldwide.


Mitigate your currency risk

The settlement in stable coins hedges your business against foreign currency risk.


Anti-fraud tool is under the hood

Our solution is integrated with the anti-fraud tool, which decreases a risk of fraudulent transactions.


Flexible identity verification (KYC) approaches each client and each transaction personally and individually. provides the multilevel KYC system, including the processing of occasional transactions, limited to a small amount, without full KYC measures applied. By delivering a client-oriented service, ensures that the identity verification procedure does not exceed 15 min.

24 hours integration

Simplified technical integration and assigned personal manager, who will help to set up. Boost your revenue today!

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Compliant and secure

Utorg.Pro took actions and developed effective tools to comply with ​5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive and Estonian ML/TF Prevention Act

Certified Compliance Officer

Ensures a highly professional approach to the due diligence procedure

PEP & Sanction list scanning

SumSub helps you to sidestep regulatory fines and potential operational damages

Anti-fraud measures

SEON assures a proactive prevention of fraudulent transactions

Internal control system

Decreases fraud, eliminates attempts to avoid KYC, assesses the credibility of emails and IPs