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How to buy Bitcoin

Buying BTC with GBP

At UTORG exchange you can buy Bitcoin with GBP fast without registration and fees:

  1. Specify how much GBP you are ready to spend or how much BTC you want to buy.
  2. Enter your crypto wallet address below. Hit Buy BTC.
  3. Follow onscreen cues to checkout with any credit bank card. 
  4. If it is your first time to UTORG, you will have to take a short ID check procedure. 

Check below for a detailed guide on how to buy Bitcoin with GBP in English, crypto usage tips and blockchain lore.

Choosing a crypto wallet

There are two main types of crypto wallets: cold and hot.

  • Cold (hardware) wallets like Ledger and Trezor store private keys in separate devices (e.g. a USB token or an NFC smartcard). Extremely secure, they are expensive and have usability issues compared to modern user expectations: an additional device to carry on you, more passwords or PINs to remember, more clicks to get the result.
  • Hot wallets are mobile and/or desktop apps where private keys are more exposed. Yet, they are cheap or free and friendly. Top products achieved a commendable security level and offer best usability/security balance. Electrum for desktop and for mobile are worth mentioning.

Paper crypto wallets with private keys printed on paper do exist still, but they grow obsolete. 

We strongly discourage use of high-risk online wallets.

Creating a wallet fast

Unless you are ready to invest time and money in a hardware wallet, it will take you under 5 minutes to get a crypto wallet up and running:

  1. Download any reliable mobile app (e.g. and install it on your device.
  2. Launch it. To receive coins, you need a deposit address. 
  3. Find Bitcoin (BTC) in the asset list and go to details for the BTC deposit address

To buy BTC at UTORG, copy the address and paste it into the Your BTC wallet field of the order form.

Understanding Bitcoin

It doesn’t take being a financier to use fiat money and you don’t need to be a blockchain guru to get your share of the crypto pie. Yet, there are things to remember before you buy Bitcoin. 

Unlike card-to-card transfers, crypto transactions come with a delay due to the underlying tech. Later you may want to read more about it, but now just take our word for it: 15 minutes is ok, several hours is not unheard of in case of a high network load. A transaction is considered successful after the first confirmation in the blockchain.

To monitor your transaction in real time, you will receive a link to a tracker from UTORG. Likewise, we will notify you of any processing errors and refund your money.

Buying BTC safely with a card

When you buy crypto with GBP online, your first concern is the security of your card and personal data

UTORG exchange is licensed to provide crypto/fiat exchange services, as well as to use advanced AI solutions that make the overall process fast and secure. At UTORG you will neither get stolen (“dirty”) coins, nor face an incomplete delivery.

We also have a valid PCI DSS certificate that confirms compliance with international requirements to secure handling of card data. User fiat transactions are duly protected by Visa and MasterCard.

UTORG crypto exchange accepts debit cards or credit cards issued by Visa or MasterCard.

Keeping your Bitcoin safe

Software providers do a great job to make sure any one can buy Bitcoin safely, but there are steps you can take on your own to better protect your crypto assets. UTORG’s starter guide on how to buy Bitcoin with GBP has some tips to help you:

  1. Create a separate mailbox for your Bitcoin wallet.
  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) at each access point.
  3. Never disclose your private keys, even if prompted to do so. Be prudent when you buy Bitcoin. 
  4. Avoid disclosing your crypto balance and your true identity.
  5. Don’t transfer your Bitcoin to third-parties unless 100% sure you need to. Blockchain transactions are irreversible by nature.

Step-by-Step guide


Getting ready

So, you seem to have finally found the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin with GBP on the English-speaking Internet and are ready to go? Fine, but before you do, get the following items handy:

  • a Bitcoin wallet (e.g.;
  • any bank card from Visa or MasterCard (debit card, credit card — any will do)
  • a selfie camera or your smartphone and your ID for identity verification (first buy only)

Placing an order at UTORG

Now let’s buy Bitcoin with GBP:

  1. Fill the express order form. All fields are mandatory.
  2. Specify how much GBP you are ready to spend or how much BTC you want to buy. UTORG exchange will do the math.

Enter your crypto wallet address below and hit Buy BTC. Don’t forget to accept the Terms of use.


Verifying your email

To process your Bitcoin order, UTORG exchange needs to make sure you are a real person. We use email verification to do this. 

When you send a new order request, the system asks for a valid email address and sends a 6-digit code to it. Check your email and use the code when prompted. Then confirm your location, we’ll take your word on it.  

The whole procedure is fast and familiar to most Internet users.


Authorizing payment

UTORG GBP to Bitcoin exchange uses a pretty standard checkout form that takes your bank card number, its validity period, holder name and 3-digit code to authorize a payment. 

When you initiate a payment, you are prompted for a confirmation code that is simultaneously sent to you by your bank (usually, by SMS). Enter it and move on.


Verifying identity

If it is the first time you buy Bitcoin at UTORG, you will have to take a brief ID check. We took steps to make this procedure faster and smoother. 

When asked to prove your identity:

  1. Upload a digital image of your ID.
  2. Complete the face check by showing your face in front of your screen with a selfie camera on.

Our AI algorithm will then process your data within 3 minutes or less. 

You are protected from Bitcoin price changes during the check by pre-authorization. It means the deal amount is frozen at your bank account until completion of the check. In case of failure, funds are fully released as soon as your bank is able to process all requests.


Receiving your BTC

UTORG GBP to Bitcoin exchange initiates coin delivery instantly, but each transaction has to be verified in the Bitcoin network. Depending on the current load, coin delivery usually takes 10-15 minutes.

UTORG also emails you a link to your UTORG account where you can track the status of your order in real time.

If you have any issues when using UTORG or if the delay exceeds one hour, do not hesitate to contact the Customer support by email or live chat. We are ready to help you.


Using your UTORG account

We love UTORG because it does not require registration to buy Bitcoin. You open the main page and buy Bitcoin with GBP. When you are done you are free to leave us. But if you ever come back, you can start afresh with new data (email, wallet) or sign in to your UTORG account with the email you used before. An account is created automatically when you send your first purchase order request. 

An account is designed to be a one-stop-shop that features:

  • A built-in web BTC holder with deposit/withdrawal options
  • Detailed order statistics  
  • Identity verification option
  • Password management
Frequently asked questions

Is it true that UTORG charges no fees?

Yes, we engineered the service the way that no additional fees are charged. It might be too bold to claim UTORG is the cheapest way to buy BTC with GBP, but it is a “what you see is what you get” exchange with zero service, handling and blockchain fees. You get your deal exactly as specified in the order form.

Note that your bank may have additional fees that UTORG cannot control or be responsible for. For more details on bank fees and commissions, contact your bank.

Is UTORG fast?

Returning customers can buy Bitcoin in several clicks and order processing starts instantly.

Your first order takes a tad more time due to a mandatory ID verification procedure. The good news is that we implemented AI to get a decision within 5 minutes

Make sure to have necessary documents ready. 

In an unlikely case that your profile requires a manual check, the process will take more time. Then you can track your verification status in your account. The Customer support and a live chat are there for you as well. Note that a verification delay will not affect your initial transaction price.

Do I take the ID check one time only?

Yes. We check your identity only at your first purchase.

Will you charge me before the ID check?

No, but we use the so-called pre-authorization to freeze the deal amount on your card account before completion of the ID check. In other words, the money will not leave your card before we send you BTC. Why do we do it? To fix the deal price and secure you against any dramatic Bitcoin to GBP rate changes.

Can I track my transactions in real time?

Sure. When you create a new order, it becomes available in the order list of your UTORG account, even if incomplete. There you can track order status in real time. We also email you a link to this page once an order is completed.

Is it safe to buy Bitcoin with a bank card?

Yes, it is. UTORG uses top-notch security tools and best practices. We hold licenses for advanced technologies designed to make transactions as safe as possible. 

Also, all fiat payments are secured by Visa and MasterCard, while the PCI DSS certificate confirms that your card data is properly encrypted and protected.

Where is UTORG available?

UTORG exchange is available in Great Britain and in more than 175 countries all over the world. Follow the link for the full list of countries we operate in. It is regularly updated as we grow.

Can I buy Bitcoin anonymously with a card?

Anonymous card transactions are banned in your best interests. Whenever card payments are involved, service providers must take measures against unauthorized transactions, i.e. transactions made without your permission (for example, if your card is stolen). 

Also, UTORG exchange is fully licensed and operates in accordance with the EU regulations that provide for mandatory identity verification. 

The good news is that we put a lot of effort into building a hassle-free procedure.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way