Wallet in Telegram & Utorg: Crypto For Everyone

Wallet in Telegram & Utorg: Crypto For Everyone

We’re super excited to drop some big news that’s set to rock the crypto world: USDt has just launched on The Open Network (TON), all thanks to a strategic collaboration between TON Foundation and Tether. This isn’t just any update—it’s a game-changer for over 900 million Telegram users worldwide, making peer-to-peer (P2P) payments slicker than ever, with no borders to worry about.

As part of this exciting initiative, we at Utorg are right at the forefront of this innovation. Our Utorg Hÿper App is among the first to offer USDt on TON. Now, you can buy this stablecoin instantly—no fees, no fuss. And this is just the start! We’re enhancing your experience even further. Soon, you’ll be able to store it and top up your Utorg crypto card with USDt on TON—making your journey smoother and more integrated than ever.

Why this partnership rocks

The dive of USDt into TON is a massive deal for stablecoin utility. Tether tokens—renowned for their stability—are the world’s most popular stablecoins. By tapping into Telegram’s vast network, we’re lighting up Satoshi Nakamoto’s dream of “a purely peer-to-peer electronic cash system without an intermediary,” making it a daily reality for millions.

The TON-based Wallet in Telegram is a game-changer. It lets users zip USDt to any Telegram user across the globe instantly and without fees. This boosts Telegram’s utility and smashes the old barriers like costly fees and glacier-slow transaction speeds that have bugged traditional financial transactions.

From day one, the USDt-TON setup is also supported by heavyweight exchanges like OKX and Bybit, along with popular wallets including Wallet in Telegram, Tonkeeper, and TrustWallet, not to mention ace blockchain analytics from Elliptic. This stellar support grid ensures a safe and smooth sailing environment for handling USDt.

Adding to the cool factor, the TON Foundation is all-in with a whopping commitment of 11 million Toncoin (about $80M) to turbocharge the adoption of USDt on TON. These funds are set to fuel some sweet perks like USDt earning rewards in the Wallet in Telegram, liquidity boosts on TON Decentralized Exchanges, and free USDt withdrawals at major centralized exchanges.

So, what’s all this mean for you? It’s not just about a new button to click. It’s about opening up a whole new realm of possibilities in digital finance. USDt transactions on Telegram are about to set a whole new bar for how we think about moving money around the globe, and it’s all in line with our vision at Utorg to make the world of finance an open book, accessible and simple for everyone.

Ready to dive into the future with us? Get Utorg Hÿper App and buy USDt on TON. It’s easy, it’s free (ZERO fees), and it’s instant – everything you need to take control of your digital finances, right in the palm of your hand. Plus, you can buy this crypto directly on our official website through our on-ramp service.