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You always get the amount stated in the You Receive field. No hidden fees or extra charges.

High limits

Up to 5,000 EUR per transaction
or 15,000 EUR per month

How to buy Bitcoin

First steps to buy BTC

Bitcoin is one of the most sought after assets in today’s market. Besides, it is really easy to get a hold of, especially if you are in Europe and want to buy Bitcoin with euros:

  1. Create your Bitcoin wallet, so we will be able to send you your coins.
  2. Go to the UTORG website, and specify the BTC amount you want to buy,
  3. Submit your payment details.
  4. Confirm your identity. Our verification procedure is easy and quick.
  5. Get your BTC.

Choose a bitcoin Wallet in 2023

There are hundreds of wallets offered today, and it can be hard to separate the good ones from the bad. Fortunately, in every category there are some wallets that have already proven to be reliable and safe.

There are also online or web wallets, but there are a lot of issues with them. First of all, your crypto de-facto does not belong to you in such a wallet, since private keys are stored on the service’s side. 

3 steps to create a wallet

Well, nowadays creating your own Bitcoin wallet is really easy. Basically, the process can be broken into three steps:

  • Do your research. Nobody can find a wallet that will be most suitable for you. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more on your own. Аt least, check users’ and experts’ reviews 
  • Download and install software. Pick a wallet that is compatible with your operating system and install it. Most wallets offer versions for most common PC and mobile platforms. 
  • Create a wallet. In Exodus, which we used as an example earlier, you only have to select Bitcoin from the list of supported currencies.

You can buy Bitcoin both with USD, EUR, NZD, GBP, CAD circulating in English-speaking countries, and with other currencies

Visa or MasterCard - which is better to buy BTC with?

Using a bank card, regardless of type (debit, credit, or virtual ) is the fastest and easiest way to buy bitcoin with euro. And there is no practical difference between payment providers when it comes down to buying BTC with cards - both systems are secure, fast and reliable. So. you can buy BTC with equal ease both with Visa and MasterCard.

How does UTORG work?

UTORG utilizes an extensive network of partners to provide its customers with bitcoins at a fair price. A unique algorithm makes sure that the buyer always get the best deal available from a plethora of market makers. 

Streamlined business processes and automation allow UTORG to provide its services without additional fees. Thus, customers get cryptocurrency at its real cost, without additional expenses.

We offer to buy bitcoin not only with USD, NZD, GBP, CAD, AUD currencies of the English-speaking regions, but also others.

The easiest way to buy bitcoins in Europe

Fortunately, Europe is one of the best regions to use crypto, as the regulations are quite advanced and digital assets can be used as a medium of exchange, purchased, stored and traded without breaking any laws. 

UTORG is the easiest service to buy Bitcoins in Europe with euro. Due to streamlined KYC procedures and payment processing, here you can buy BTC within half an hour without any hassle.

Step-by-Step guide


Order Creation

In the top-right of our website you can find an online calculator. Enter here the BTC amount you want to buy or the amount of euros you are ready to spend - the other half of the transaction will be calculated by the service. Also, enter the address of your Bitcoin wallet. 

After that, click the Buy BTC button.


Email verification

To confirm your email, we will send you a confirmation code, so enter your valid email. The confirmation email will be sent instantly. Enter the confirmation code in the corresponding field.


Card details submission

Specify your country of residence and submit your card details. Then read our Terms of use, check the corresponding box and click the Pay button.


Payment confirmation

To confirm the payment you should enter the code sent to you from your bank.


Identity verification

For the very first purchase you will be required to pass identity verification. To do that, you’ll have to upload a photo of your ID. Verification process can take up to 3 minutes, but UTORG has a mechanism that protects you from price fluctuations in this period.

Funds will not be withdrawn from your card until the verification is confirmed. Instead, we will use a pre-authorisation hold of the required euro amount on your card. So funds won’t leave your card until the verification is complete and the transaction is confirmed.

If verification won’t be completed, you won’t lose any money - the access to funds put on hold will be restored within 24 hours.

For subsequent purchases this step will be skipped.


Waiting for your BTC

Your coins will be sent immediately once the payment is confirmed. The delivery time can take up to 15 minutes depending on the Bitcoin network load.

Also, we will send you a confirmation email, containing transaction details, including a link to the transaction in a BTC explorer. Using this link, you’ll be able to follow the transaction status in real time.

Frequently asked questions

How long is the transaction time if I buy btc with euro?

Bitcoin transaction time depends only on the Bitcoin network load. A transaction is complete after 1 confirmation in the network. On average it takes about 10-15 minutes. With network loads increasing, longer delays may happen.

What happens if the price of Bitcoin changes dramatically while I fill in the order?

Whatever happens, you will always receive the BTC amount specified in the You receive field. 

During order confirmation you see the final amount of BTC you’ll receive and EUR you’ll pay,

Also, for your first purchase, while the verification process is taking place, funds are only put on hold on your card and never leave it, to ensure additional protection.

If the price will change for more than 1% in this time, we will send you a notification with the final amounts and ask you to confirm the transaction.

What are the limits for purchase?

  • Within 24 hours it is allowed to make 12 transactions paid with the same credit, debit or virtual bank card. Note that the limit is counted for any 24-hour period after a purchase, not for a calendar day from  00:00 till 23:59;
  • A single transaction cannot exceed 7999 euros or an equivalent in the purchase currency.
  • The monthly limit depends on your verification level (check your profile )   and is also counted as a 31-day period after a purchase (not as a calendar month).

Follow the link for details on applicable limits.

Do you really offer the lowest fees to buy bitcoin with euros on the market?

It is literally impossible to offer lower fees than UTORG: we don’t charge any fee at all.

Granted, you may still have to pay your bank’s additional fees, but UTORG bears no responsibilities for such fees.

How difficult is your KYC procedure and how long does it take?

It’s really easy and quick. You only have to send us a photo of your ID. It will be verified automatically within 3 minutes.

Can I buy BTC with a debit or credit card anonymously?

It is illegal. Any service that operates with fiat has to comply with AML regulations, and UTORG is no exception. So we are legally obligated to perform KYC procedure.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way