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Fair pricing

You always get the amount stated in the You Receive field. No hidden fees or extra charges.

High limits

Up to 5,000 EUR per transaction
or 15,000 EUR per month

How to buy Ethereum

Shop your ETH in 3 steps

We cancelled service fees and reduced the purchase flow to 3 basic steps:

  1. Order ETH.
  2. Checkout with a debit, credit or virtual card from Visa/MasterCard.
  3. Introduce yourself, if new at UTORG.

Identity verification for new customers is mandatory. Instead of flouting the law and bringing in a clandestine service without such procedures, we put an effort in making it fast and easy. It will only take 5 minutes

The whole flow is designed to be smooth and friendly, but we are ready with answers to additional questions. Scroll down for a succinct step-by-step guide or swipe left for some tips on holding and protecting ETH.

ETH Wallet Tips

Choosing a crypto wallet is not rocket science. We have some beginner tips for you to avoid confusion, save your time, money and nerves. 

The choice is immense, so let’s work by elimination: paper and web wallets are out immediately. Former are old, latter not safe.

This leaves us with cold and hot wallets. 

  • Cold or hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor can be great if you hold a lot of crypto and use only a part of your balance for trading. The rest is safe with critical data stored offline in a device, hard to compromise but not too easy to access either. Expensive and a tad complicated, cold wallets are not a beginner or day-to-day option.

Hot (i.e. quick) wallets are apps for desktop (e.g. Metamask) or mobile (e.g. Plark). Free, friendly and fast, these are a 100% hit for 90% of users. Trade, buy and sell crypto, pay with it whenever you want without worries over losing an expensive device or missing a good offer while searching your bag for it. Lower security of hot wallets is more of prejudice than fact.

New ETH Wallet

As you noticed, we are partisan to mobile wallets like Plark. To have a wallet up and running, just get it from a store and launch. Nothing can be easier.

To buy Ethereum at UTROG, copy the ETH deposit address. The address is reusable, but only for Ethereum.

So, when is the delivery?

While other virtual assets are delivered instantly after you check out, crypto is not like a tune or e-book. Before ETH arrives at your wallet, the relevant transaction has to be validated by the blockchain network. It is likely to take from 15 minutes to around an hour. Longer delays happen during periods of peak network loads.

Don’t overthink it, anyway. You will get a link to a real-time tracker to monitor the status of your transaction.

We will be the first to know if something goes wrong, and we guarantee prompt notification, help and 100% refund.

Is UTORG safe and legit?

UTORG is committed to complying with all applicable laws, as well as to ensuring maximum safety and security. UTORG has: 

Also, Visa and MasterCard have their own toolkit to ensure security of their debit, credit and virtual cards.

Storing your ETH right

Your wallet is protected against many threats related to information technology, but common sense is also useful to make it fool-proof. Here are several simple tips:

  1. Avoid storing ETH in exchange online accounts, withdraw to your wallet.
  2. Get a separate mailbox for your Ethereum wallet.
  3. Learn that 2FA is a friend, use it for wallets and other sensitive access points.
  4. Remember that your wallet’s private key is top secret. Trustworthy exchanges, banks, services never ask for such data. 
  5. Another secret is your wallet balance.  

Check well the receiver details when transferring or selling ETH. Blockchain transactions are irreversible by nature.

Step-by-Step guide


Start before the start

Let’s get ready. Make sure you have handy all you need to buy Ethereum with euros:

  • ETH deposit address of your wallet (we suggest a light-weight intuitive mobile app like Plark)
  • Valid email address for bot-check and automatic account creation
  • Any virtual, credit or debit card from Visa/MasterCard to pay with
  • Any device with a selfie/web camera and an ID (passport or driving license) for an ID check taken during the first purchase

Creating a new order

To buy Ethereum with euros at UTORG, create an order:

  1. Enter the amount in fiat or crypto, and we will do the math.
  2. Paste your wallet deposit address for delivery. 
  3. Check for errors, click or tap Buy Ethereum

So much for the order creation. Next come verifications and checkout.


Email and geography checks

Before we move on, we have to learn more about you to make sure you are a real person. Confirm your email address and tell us where you come from:

  1. After sending the oder form, enter your email address in the next screen. 
  2. Check your Inbox for a 6-digit verification code. Check the Spam folder as well, if the letter is not in the Inbox.
  3. Copy the code and paste it in the next dialog to confirm the email address.
  4. Now choose your country from the list of more than 195 states where UTORG services are available

Paying ETH with a card

Boring, no suspense at all, just enter your card details and a confirmation code:

  1. Enter your credit, debit or virtual card number, its expiry date, holder name and secret code in the form. Proceed to authorization.
  2. Specify a confirmation code from SMS (3-D Secure Protocol check) to allow the payment. 

Now you are either finished, or, if new to UTORG, have one more step to go: identity verification. It will only take 5 minutes.


ID Check

Your maiden order comes with a mandatory identification procedure. Not too funny, but we reduced to:

  1. Uploading an ID image
  2. Posing in front of a selfie camera of your device.

Give our advanced AI 5 minutes to process your data and generate the result. Don’t worry about unexpected charges or rate changes. While the verification is underway, the deal amount in fiat is blocked on the card. Any actual charge off only takes place after a successful verification, otherwise the money is immediately released and becomes available to you once the bank reacts.


Delivery of ETH to the wallet

Once we have your payment in euros, ETH is instantly shipped to your wallet. But the delivery will take at least 10-15 minutes. Don’t be surprised or worried if it is delayed by an hour or more. Blockchain is the culprit. Transaction validation in Ethereum network depends on the tech and current load that keeps increasing. 

To entertain you, we have a real-time transaction status tracker. You will get a bespoke link after creating an order. 

Anyway, if you have questions or worry about your transaction, feel free to contact the support service via email or our live chat.

Frequently asked questions

Are there fees at UTORG?

UTORG sticks to its zero-fee policy without hidden commissions or charges.Yet, be warned that a bank may charge their own conversion fee which is beyond our control. For more details, address your bank and ask who they charge EUR-ETH transactions

How fast is buying ETH at UTORG?

As fast as the Internet connection. Actually, the loyal customers enjoy an instant checkout, new ones will have to spend 5 more minutes to take a fast ID check. 

We also ditched lengthy registration forms. Account creation is automated and its use is optional.

Will I have to re-take the ID check?

No. Endure it at your first buy and forget it for good.

Is fiat charged off my card before the ID check?

Fiat will only be charged off your card after a successful verification. While the check is in progress, the money is frozen on your card account to prevent the impact of rate changes. 

If verification fails, we release the money immediately. It becomes available to you as soon as the bank reacts.

Why should I trust UTORG?

Well, you can trust us because you can verify us, here are some proofs that we stand with the law and implement best security practices:

  • licenses to carry out transactions in both fiat and crypto (e.g. ETH-EUR conversion).
  • a valid PCI DSS certificate to prove compliance with leading standards and practices applied to protection of bank card and personal data of users.  

UTORG is no place for “dirty” ETH, hidden fees or frauds. We are about being 100% legal.

Transaction rejected by bank, any tips?

It happens, but in most cases it is not a big deal. Just try the following:

  • Check whether you have enough money on your card account.
  • Retry checking (there could be any kind of software error)
  • Try a debit card or a card issued by a different bank, e.g. [банк2] instead of that from [банк1]
  • Finally, call your bank for explanations and help

By default we accept all Visa/MasterCard cards (credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards).

Are there any limits?

Yes, we need them to fight money laundering and prevent sponsoring terrorism. Here is the deal:

  • Every 24 hours you can make 12 transactions paid with the same credit, debit or virtual bank card. Note that the limit is counted for any 24-hour period after a purchase, not for a calendar day that lasts from  00:00 till 23:59;
  • A single transaction is limited to 7999 euros.
  • The monthly limit depends on your verification level (check your profile) and is also counted as a 31-day period after a purchase (not as a calendar month).

Click the link for more info on limits and fees.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way