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You always get the amount stated in the You Receive field. No hidden fees or extra charges.

High limits

Up to 5,000 EUR per transaction
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How to buy Ethereum

Buying ETH with DKK in 1, 2, 3...

Three steps to buying Ethereum with Danish krones:

  1. Fill in the express purchase form.
  2. Check the data you entered and hit Buy Ethereum.
  3. Enter your bank card data and authorize the payment. 

To pay Ethereum, you can use any Visa/MasterCard card (debit, credit, virtual), the service fee is set to 0.

First-time customers have to take a short verification. We managed to reduce it to 5 minutes

We did our best to make this service friendly, clear and transparent to our users from Denmark. In case you have questions left, we drafted a detailed guide to each step of the purchase process in English. You can find it below. 

Swipe left to learn more about Ethereum, wallets, coin delivery and asset protection.

Ethereum Wallet

A notion of a crypto wallet may sound cryptic to a newbie, but in fact it is quite a simple concept: a device or an app storing an encrypted ID (private key) used to authorize a transaction in blockchain.

  • Hardware wallets are devices for offline storage of private keys. They offer unparalleled security, but are expensive and less handy for daily use. Let’s leave those to big investors, but in case you are curious, Ledger and Trezor have good reviews.
  • Hot wallets are light-weight apps for desktop (e.g. Metamask) or mobile (e.g. Plark). Mostly, they are free. A tad higher risk of private key exposure is compensated with prompt access to assets. Mobile apps are our favorite: always within the reach, no need to watch who else uses the PC. 

Paper wallets are almost obsolete, online wallets have inadequate security

New ETH Wallet

We are quite partisan to mobile wallets like Plark. Anyone can get it easily:

  1. Get an app you like from a store and run it. So much about creating a wallet instance. 
  2. Find Ethereum in the asset list and go to properties.
  3. Copy the deposit address. You will need it to buy Ethereum at UTORG.

This address is permanent and can be reused. For other crypto-assets, use their respective addresses.

Ordered my ETH, what’s next?

When you buy Ethereum for DKK at UTORG, the deal itself is instant. Yet, actual Ethereum delivery is delayed due to blockchain network particularities. The “please, wait” part can last from 15 minutes to an hour or more. 

UTORG customers get a link to a real time status tracker for updates.

In a highly unlikely event of an error UTORG will notify its customers and take all necessary measures. 100% refund guaranteed.

Is it safe to buy ETH at UTORG?

UTORG zero-fee ETH exchange service is as safe as possible at the current level of technology and regulations. To ensure security we:

  • obtained licenses to carry out fiat and cryptocurrency transactions. 
  • implemented top-notch AI-based tools that accelerate the flow, prevent frauds and incomplete delivery of ETH.
  • have a valid PCI DSS certificate confirming that card data protection at UTORG complies with global standards and best practices.

Visa and MasterCard have their own tools to protect holders of their debit, credit and virtual cards

We offer to buy bitcoin not only with USD, EUR, NZD, GBP, CAD, AUD currencies of the English-speaking regions, but also others.

Keeping crypto safe

Better safe than sorry. Don’t rely on digital security tools alone, be prudent and follow simple steps to keep your ETH safe:

  1. Don’t use exchange accounts to store large amounts of Ethereum. Protection level there is poor. Withdraw to your wallet.
  2. Create a separate mailbox for your Ethereum wallet.
  3. Don’t be lazy, use 2FA for wallets and sensitive access points.
  4. Never disclose your wallet’s private key (encrypted data sequence used to confirm transactions). Serious fintech services, banks or exchanges never ask for such data. 
  5. Keep your mouth shut about your wallet balance.  

Check twice the receiver data when transferring, selling, buying Ethereum. Blockchain transactions are irreversible by nature.

Step-by-Step guide


Ground zero

So, you came across a zero-fee service to buy Ethereum with the Danish krone and cannot wait to place an order? Nice. Let’s first check that you have:

  • An active Plark wallet (e.g. Plark)
  • Access to a valid email address
  • A virtual, credit or debit card from Visa/MasterCard
  • A selfie camera and an ID issued in Australia for the verification taken during the first purchase

Filling in the express order form

UTORG order form is as clear and simple as can be

  1. Enter the amount in DKK or in Ethereum. The service will do the math using the actual rate.
  2. Enter the deposit address of your Ethereum wallet. 

Check twice the data and hit Buy Ethereum. That’s basically it


Email address and country verification

Before processing the order, the platform checks that a customer has a valid email address. It allows detecting bots and creating an account at automatically. So:

  1. Enter your email address into a dialog that follows the order form. 
  2. Check your email box for a 6-digit code. 
  3. Copy the code in the next dialog to confirm the address. Check the Spam folder if there is no letter in Inbox. 

Also, choose Denmark in the list of countries where UTORG services are available.


Paying with a bank card

Paying Ethereum with a bank card has never been easier:

  1. Enter card details in a conventional checkout form.
  2. Authorize payment by entering a confirmation code from SMS (3-D Secure Protocol check). 

After a checkout first-time users are redirected for a brief identity verification procedure. We managed to squeeze it into 5 minutes.


Identity verification

First-time buyers have to take a mandatory identity verification procedure. We reduced it to two simple steps:

  1. Upload an image of your valid ID issued in Denmark.
  2. Turn your selfie camera on for a liveness check.

AI-based automated scoring tool provides a result within 5 minutes. The good news is that the deal amount in Danish krones is “frozen” on a card for this period to avoid any Ethereum rate fluctuations. An actual charge-off only takes place after a successful verification. In case of failure, the money is released immediately and becomes available to a card holder as soon as their bank reacts.


Ethereum delivery

Once the platform receives payment, it sends coins to the customer. Yet, an actual delivery usually takes from an average of 10-15 minutes to an hour or even more, as the network load continuously increases.

Anyway, when an order for Ethereum is created, UTORG emails a link to a real time tracker to a customer. 

If Ethereum is not delivered within an hour or more, or you experience other issues, don’t hesitate to email the support service or text us via the live chat.

Frequently asked questions

I want to buy ETH, will I have to pay any fee?

Zero-fee exchange service, UTORG makes sure that you get exactly what you ordered at the current rate.

Note that your bank can still charge an additional fee for converting DKK to Ethereum. Address your bank for more details.

Is it fast to buy Ethereum at UTORG?

For returning customers it is instant. If it is the first time you buy ETH with us, add 5 more minutes for a fast identity check. 

Another benefit is that no registration is needed to use UTORG.

Will I have to take the verification procedure again?

You have to take it only once with your first order. Subsequent purchases will be processed even faster.

Is Danish krone charged off my card before verification?

An actual charge-off takes place only after a successful verification. Yet, we secure customers from unexpected rate fluctuations of the Ethereum-DKK rate by using preauthorization (the deal amount in Danish krones is frozen on the card account). 

If the verification fails, the money is released immediately and becomes available to the card holder once the bank processes requests.

Is it safe to buy ETH at UTORG?

Yes, we took all possible measures, in particular:

  • obtained licenses to carry out transactions in fiat and crypto.
  • obtained a PCI DSS certificate which implies compliance with top international standards and best practices. 

The service is 100% legal, you won’t get “dirty” ETH or face unexpected charges.

What if a transaction is rejected by the bank?

Relax and take several steps:

  • Check your card balance
  • Retry checking out (there can be an error at the bank side)
  • Use another card (try a debit one, for example, issued by Danske Bank)
  • Call your bank and ask to authorize the payment

By default, UTORG supports all Visa/MasterCard cards (credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards).

Are there transaction limits?

Yes, there are limits regulating how much ETH you can buy:

  • Within 24 hours it is allowed to make 12 transactions paid with the same credit, debit or virtual bank card. Note that the limit is counted for any 24-hour period after a purchase, not for a calendar day from  00:00 till 23:59;
  • A single transaction cannot exceed 7999 euros or an equivalent in the purchase currency.
  • The monthly limit depends on your verification level (check your profile) and is also counted as a 31-day period after a purchase (not as a calendar month).

Follow the link for details on limits applicable to Ethereum-DKK transactions.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way