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How to buy GMT

Buy Green Metaverse Token (GMT) through such steps

1. Find a wallet that fits your needs

2. Create your GMT token wallet address

3. Visit UTORG and follow the buying procedure

UTORG offers a very user-friendly flow when it comes to purchasing GMT crypto. All the stuff will take you a few minutes and even less if you are an existing user, who passed the KYC procedure.

Choose a wallet

You should pick a wallet based on your personal needs, security conditions and actual availability of specific token. Generally, there are four types of crypto wallets: 

Online wallets: mostly of them are pretty convenient, but insecure in comparison to other options. We don’t recommend these. You may consider Metamask for example, but before understand how to send GMT tokens from Metamask if you decide to change the wallet after.

Hardware wallets: the most secured, but you actually have to buy, while other options are free. Ledger and Trezor are the most known crypto community and both of them support GMT token. You have to find a GMT token contract in order for this “green token” to appear.

Desktop wallets: pretty convenient if you are an active PC/laptop user. There is a list of wallets that support Green Metaverse token and other metaverse tokens or coins, but DYOR before picking one. 

Mobile wallets: if mobile usage is preferable for you then Wirex will do the job. Mobile wallets are most convenient and offer moderate to high security.

Get a GMT crypto wallet

For example, let’s pick Wirex as a reference. It supports both iOS and Android, so mobile users won’t get issues using it.

In order to get your crypto wallet (address), just follow these straightforward rules:

1. Follow the link above and create an account. Be careful, double checking the link, so you won’t face phishing services.

2. Find a GMT token in the list of coins and click “create a wallet” or “get a wallet” whatever guides you.

3. Find the wallet address itself and copy it.

You are all set! Now use this address to receive and store GMT tokens.

Once you purchased Green Metaverse Token

Once you get done with your order – you are almost there (“green tokens” are on the way). Transaction itself can take up to 10-15 minutes, often less, depending on the network load. In most cases transactions are considered finished after the first blockchain confirmation. Once your transaction is done, we send you an email with order details that also contains a link via which you can monitor the transaction status.

Is it safe to use UTORG to buy GMT tokens?

Yes, it is a safe place to buy GMT. UTORG holds a PCI DSS Level 2 certificate and also a state issued license, so you may be sure 100% about the safety of your data and funds.

Why all that mentioned above matters:

  • You have 100% guarantee to obtain a GMT that you ordered
  • You have 100% guarantee to get “clean crypto” that is not marked as stolen and/or used in any anti-law schemes
  • We protect your personal data, that it is won’t be disclosed to third parties
  • Our 24/7 support managers will help you to solve any problems you may face during purchase

How to store safely your GMT coins

A lot of people don’t follow very simple instructions to protect their funds. A few simple tips will save you from losing your hard earned money. Here they are:

  • Use a dedicated email when creating your account for crypto wallet (if needed)
  • If your wallet offers two-factor authentication (2FA) – enable it at the start
  • Nobody should know your private key or password
  • Nobody should know your deposit amount
  • Be careful and always double check your wallet address during purchase, since all the transactions in blockchain can’t be reversed.

Step-by-Step guide


Prepare before purchasing GMT

Before buy GMT token on UTORG check if everything you need is here:

  • Personal GMT wallet address
  • Dedicated email
  • Payment method credits of your choice (for example virtual, credit or debit card)
  • Phone with selfie camera or a PC/laptop with web camera to pass the KYC verification (applies only if it’s your first purchase at UTORG, consecutive operations doesn’t require it)

How to buy GMT token

If you are all set with guidelines above, feel free to follow to place your first order. Follow these steps:

  • Find the widget, which is always on the right side of the website. Fill in the fields, since they are all required.
  • Indicate the amount in the currency you would like to exchange or desirable amount of GMT in the proper field. System will calculate the rate automatically. 
  • Enter your GMT wallet address
  • Double check the filled information and click on the “Buy GMT” button.


Email verification process

Ahead of your GMT order and exchanging DKK being in Denmark we must be sure that your email is valid and you have access to it. This is one of the ways we check that you are a real person.

One of the first steps within your order is to provide a valid email. If all is good, you will get an email with a six-digit code. Enter this code into the proper field to proceed with your order.

After this step, select your residence country from the appeared dropdown list. In most cases, the country is selected automatically depending on your geolocation. Just check if everything is correct.


Charging for GMT

Despite the payment option you choose, the purchase procedure is really simple, as any of those you may face on an online store. For example if its credit card:

1. Enter your card information (number, expiration date, name on card and cvv-code). This works for virtual issued cards, credit or debit cards.

2. To confirm the payment, enter the code you get with your SMS. This is an obligatory step to ensure security by 3-D Secure protocol.

If it's your first purchase on UTORG, once you enter card data, you have to pass an identity verification procedure. Order amount of money will be freezed to protect you from GMT price movement. Don’t worry about this feature, your funds are in a safe place.


KYC procedure

Since we comply with EU regulations, KYC is obligatory if it’s your first time on UTORG. KYC itself is very fast (takes under 3 min) and straightforward. Here are the steps:

1. Upload your document (choose the one that fits you from the list)

2. Allow your web camera or front camera to work and follow the guidelines

Your personal information is processed automatically by our artificial intelligence algorithm,  without human operation. Usually, this process takes around 3 minutes or less. For this time we freeze the GMT price for your order by pre-ordering the needed amount of GMT on the exchange and funds on your credit card. Once verification is finished, both of abovementioned get released. If KYC verification can’t be processed successfully, we discard the freeze and funds from your credit card will be available again once your bank confirms the operation of unblock.


Getting your GMT

Once UTORG receives your payment in DKK, immediately after this we initiate sending your GMT to your wallet address. Keep in mind that the transaction itself takes some time (it has to be confirmed), depending on the network load. Usually, when the network has low to moderate load, confirmation takes around 10 minutes. GMT token works on a pretty fast blockchain, so it should be even faster.

You can monitor the order status in real time via the link that UTORG has sended to your email. 

If you face any sort of problems or more than an hour has passed since order finished, don’t hesitate to contact the support team via live chat or email.

Frequently asked questions

Does UTORG charge any kind of fee?

No, UTORG is a chargeless service when you buy a GMT token (despite its price, like it is a GMT token sale). Pay attention, since your bank may charge a fee and we don’t have influence on this.

How much time does it take for the order to complete?

If you are an existing user, for you it takes no time i.e. instantly. But for new customers, a one-time KYC procedure is obligatory, since we stick to EU legal requirements. Our KYC procedure processes via automatic artificial intelligence system and takes around 3 min. All the rest depends on the GMT network load.

How many times should I pass KYC?

KYC is a one-time event only for new customers.

Are there any amount limits?

Yes, there are limits to avoid money laundering and other illegal activities. If you want to get more information, please follow this link. Here is the brief summary on it:

  • During 24 hours period only 12 paid transaction per customer can be done (despite the payment method)
  • Single transaction limit is 7,999 EUR or equivalent

The 30 day limit is defined by your verification level. You may check it in your profile. In order to increase your level, please provide additional information about yourself by following the tips in your profile.

What if my bank rejected the transaction?

It is possible, since some banks stick to their own terms that may vary. If you face rejection, please check the following:

  • If there is enough money on your card
  • use a different card (debit cards have a higher success rate)
  • contact your bank's support service and ask to allow the payment
  • use a card from another bank if possible (for example, instead of a Danske Bank card, try to buy crypto from a Nykredit Group card).
  • repeat the transaction

What if your currency is not in the list?

It's not a problem. You can make a purchase in any of the available currencies and your bank will make the conversion. It may charge a small fee if the currency you choose to pay is different from the currency of the card.

Don’t worry. You can freely choose another fiat currency (for example USD) and your bank will process the conversion. For this conversion it may take some fee, so don’t be surprised.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way