ATOM: A New Cryptocurrency Is Listed

ATOM: A New Cryptocurrency Is Listed

To expand our list of cryptocurrencies available for purchasing, we are glad to introduce to you a newly listed digital token ATOM developed by Cosmos.

With this expansion, users from around 175 countries can quickly and seamlessly buy this cosmic coin. It is available on two chains – Cosmos and Binance Smart Chain, and can be purchased with the help of the most popular payment methods, like Google Pay and Apple Pay, and 25 fiat currencies.

Thanks to our advanced KYC verification based on AI, the verification of identity will take less than 3 minutes. Consequently, it is possible to get this digital asset within a moment.

What is ATOM?

ATOM is a native cryptocurrency within the ecosystem of Cosmos. This token is used to power the whole ecosystem. Furthermore, it has three primary functions within Cosmos:

  • For the processing of payments for transaction fees;
  • For staking and receiving rewards;
  • For allowing participation in Cosmos Hub’s governance system.

The last function means that everyone with ATOM coins has the right to vote regarding any changes within the Cosmos network. And the amount of this cryptocurrency obtained by users plays a crucial role in the voting process – the more tokens users have, the more voting power they possess.

How to buy ATOM on Utorg?

If you are interested in this digital asset and are ready to buy it, we will explain how to buy ATOM by Cosmos with Utorg. This process is a cinch; everybody can get this cryptocurrency while accomplishing two simple actions.

First of all, you need to set up your purchasing order. The system requires you to specify several aspects, namely the currency pair (you need to indicate a fiat currency as well as crypto), the amount of ATOM you wish to buy (it is also possible to specify the amount of fiat money you want to spend on it), and your crypto wallet address.

And the second action is to process a payment. At Utorg, you can either choose a credit/debit card or Apple Pay/Google Pay for the payment.

Users who deal with Utorg for the first time must complete the mandatory one-time identity verification procedure (KYC verification). Fortunately, this procedure takes approximately 3 minutes. You just need to upload your valid passport or driving license – artificial intelligence will process all your data automatically.