Listing: GNO on Ethereum

Listing: GNO on Ethereum

Trying our best to make crypto globally available, we are thrilled to announce that we have listed one more token. This time, people from 175 countries can now purchase the native cryptocurrency of the Gnosis ecosystem by the name of GNO. The cryptocurrency is available for buying on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20).

People can buy GNO cryptocurrency by using the most convenient way for them — whether it is a credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay, and pay for the tokens with the help of the most suitable fiat currencies, like EUR, USD, and plenty of others.

To ensure that new users can purchase GNO tokens in a matter of a few minutes, Utorg uses an AI-powered KYC module to speed up the identity verification process.

What is GNO?

GNO is a native token that powers the ecosystem of Gnosis, a decentralized prediction market platform with an open-source code. The token entered the crypto market in April 2017. It is operating on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) and was developed to supply and govern the whole ecosystem of Gnosis.

Having a total maximum supply of 3,000,000 GNO tokens, the cryptocurrency cannot be minted. As of December 2022, the circulating supply of GNO consists of 2,589,588 GNO tokens, and the total market capitalization of the GNO coin is equal to 225,729,254 US dollars.

How to buy GNO on Ethereum via Utorg?

If you are interested in buying GNO tokens, you can easily do it with Utorg. Just go through the two steps described below and get the needed number of GNO tokens.

First of all, you need to set up your purchasing order. It means that on the homepage of our website, you need to fill in the form of the order specifying the following information:

  • the currency pair (fiat currency — choose the most suitable one; cryptocurrency — GNO);
  • the number of GNO tokens for purchase;
  • your valid crypto wallet address with the support of GNO coin.

And secondly, it is required to pay for GNO tokens. At Utorg, you can find over 10 payment options, including Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Choose the payment method, confirm the payment, and wait before GNO tokens are on your crypto wallet.

It is worth noting that all new users are obligated to pass the mandatory identity verification (KYC). However, the core problem of KYC is the waiting time for the result: dealing with some crypto companies, users may wait hours or even days to become verified.

At Utorg, we understand the importance of speeding up this process. That is why we use an AI-powered KYC module to enable users to complete the verification within 3 minutes and enjoy buying GNO tokens.