5% Bonus To Support Ukrainians

5% Bonus To Support Ukrainians

In this tough wartime, Ukrainian users need support more than ever. With this idea in mind, we launch a special program to help Ukrainians financially. This program aims to provide the users with an additional bonus of 5% from each transaction they make. And during the week between June 27, 2022 and July 3, 2022, they will have a shot to get a regular money boost while purchasing crypto.

Some top-rated crypto businesses have already joined our supportive program as well. Below, you will see the complete list of the companies where you can get this 5% instant bonus while purchasing any available crypto via Utorg:

  1. Near wallet
  2. OKX.com
  3. zkSync wallet
  4. Wirex wallet
  5. Velas
  6. WhiteBIT
  7. VeleroDAO

Who is qualified for this bonus?

All Ukrainian users with KYC Level 1 verification on Utorg are qualified to participate in this program and take advantage of it. This program is available for both new users and existing ones.

If you are new to Utorg, you will be asked to go through a simple and straightforward verification, which usually takes up to 3 minutes.

A step-by-step guide

In case you do not have KYC Level 1 verification on Utorg — what you need to do is to go through five straightforward steps to make this bonus available.

Step 1. Go to any platform from the list and choose Utorg as a fiat-to-crypto provider. It can be done in the section Buy Crypto or Top Up.

Step 2. Choose any cryptocurrency. As a fiat currency, it is crucial to select UAH.

Step 3. Enter your card details and make a payment.

Step 4. Verify your identity. Upload your ID card and go through a liveness check (face the camera and rotate your head).

Step 5. Wait until the notification of the successful verification.

Starting from this point, all your subsequent crypto purchases from June 27, 2022 to July 3, 2022 will come with the 5% instant bonus. This bonus works as an instant crypto cashback, meaning you will receive 5% more crypto. Remember that all the purchases should be made in UAH.

In case you already have KYC Level 1 verification, just go through steps 1-3.

To sum up everything, you need:

  • To buy crypto on the websites from the list via Utorg;
  • To have a KYC Level 1 verification on Utorg;
  • To make purchases in UAH.

And that is all you need to know about how you can participate in this program. The instant bonus of 5% will be displayed in the order details section.

How to get a KYC Level 1 verification?

The KYC Level 1 verification is a process aimed at verifying the identity of a user. For this supportive program, verifying the identity makes sense because only Ukrainian citizens can participate.

To get the KYC Level 1 verification, it is required to make your first purchase. After you make the payment, you will be prompted to upload your actual ID card and rotate your head in front of your web camera. After that, the AI-based algorithm will check all the information, and you will receive a confirmation email after completing the verification.

This process takes around 3 minutes. After you get the KYC Level 1 verification, a 5% bonus will apply to all your subsequent purchases. So, you can get the KYC Level 1 verification effortlessly and quickly unlock the opportunity of your money bonus.


1. How many times can I claim this bonus?

Our 5% bonus is a regular one; you can get it as often as you wish. However, it is a limited-by-time deal, and it will be ended on July 3, 2022 at 23:59 (GMT +2).

2. What should I do if the bonus does not appear?

In this case, you need to carefully check whether you have completed all the steps mentioned above or not. You can also contact customer service to solve the issue.

3. How much time does the KYC Level 1 verification take?

Thanks to our innovative solution, which is based on Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to complete this process within the frame of 3 minutes.

UPDATE: We extended the program by one more week. You still have a chance to participate in it and take your instant 5% crypto bonus until July 10 (23:59 GMT +3).