Utorg and MadFish Join Forces

Utorg and MadFish Join Forces

The beginning of fall has brought not only falling and yellow leaves but also a new partner. We are so delighted to announce that we have tied up in a partnership deal with an innovative blockchain technology company MadFish.

This partnership opens up a great opportunity to enhance MadFish’s existing and future DeFi products and provides the company’s users from around 175 countries with the simplified process of purchasing different cryptocurrencies with the help of the most convenient payment options, like Apple Pay and Google Pay. And our cutting-edge KYC verification will enable the users to complete it in less than 3 minutes.

About MadFish

MadFish is a young but innovative blockchain development company that focuses on the development of different DeFi projects. While providing its high-quality and full-cycle development services, the company has developed its own products with an open-source code, namely QuipuSwap, an AMM protocol, Yupana Finance, a Tezos-based landing protocol, and Temple Wallet.

Temple Wallet is a crypto non-custodial wallet that was designed and developed to enhance the ecosystem of Tezos. The primary features of the wallet are decentralization, transparency (the wallet has an open-source code), and safeness (all your data is stored on your device, and nobody has access to it).

Despite little experience in the market, MadFish has already won a few prestigious awards: Blockchain UA Hackathon in 2018 and 2019, Tezos Hackathon in 2019, and Uton Hack European Hackathon in 2019.