Utorg and TronNRG Join Forces

Utorg and TronNRG Join Forces

As a top-notch payment gateway provider, we are constantly seeking new opportunities to improve user experience and increase crypto adoption. And that is why we are excited to start a new partnership deal with TronNRG while integrating our payment gateway into its ecosystem. This partnership intends not only to provide users with smooth access to TRX/USDT (TRC-20) but also to enhance their overall experience.

Through our partnership with TronNRG, we are able to offer TronNRG’s users in 175 countries a seamless way to access TRX/USDT (TRC-20) through over 13 payment methods and 25+ local fiat currencies.

And that is not all — as a special offer, the first 10 users to buy $10 in TRX will receive an extra $10 in TRX from TronNRG!

About TronNRG

TronNRG is a cutting-edge platform that ensures secure and transparent energy rental services. Built on the Tron blockchain, it is an autonomous and decentralized system that allows users to rent and provide energy seamlessly. One of its unique features is the revenue-sharing model, which distributes 70% of each transaction among energy providers in the pool, enabling users to earn passive income with ease.

TronNRG was designed specifically for Tron enthusiasts, with the community’s needs at the forefront of its development. The platform is user-friendly and ideal for anyone who wants to maximize their TRX tokens.

TronNRG is a creation of the seasoned TronNinjas team, who have been actively constructing dApps on the Tron network for more than two years. The team’s passion for encouraging developers and nurturing the expansion of the Tron ecosystem shines through in their pledge to offer an equitable and trustworthy service to all users. In addition, TronNRG happily took part in the Tron Hackathon Season Three, demonstrating the dedication to delivering an equitable and dependable service to each and every one of its users.