Utorg Enhances IXFI

Utorg Enhances IXFI

We know how important it is to provide people with a seamless opportunity to buy crypto and join the fantastic environment of Web3. That is why we have extended our presence on the crypto market and tied up in a partnership deal with a crypto trading platform IXFI, which has the same vision as we have.

This partnership means that we will enhance the platform’s whole ecosystem by providing our fiat-to-crypto gateway to it and enabling people in 175 countries to buy needed digital assets effortlessly and in a matter of seconds.

It is well known that every new crypto user should complete mandatory identity verification, which used to take time - hours or even days. And to speed up the onboarding process, our cutting-edge, AI-powered KYC module makes it possible to complete the required verification within 3 minutes. So, users can purchase cryptocurrency almost instantly and have no problems with their first steps into the crypto world.

What is IXFI?

IXFI is a highly secure financial ecosystem that serves as a crypto trading platform. The company was founded in 2020. Since then, IXFI has been working hard to develop the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange platform, always keeping a user-first mentality.

On IXFI, users can buy over 330 cryptocurrencies and trade them directly on the platform. However, to make a better experience for everyone, IXFI continuously gives its community a chance to participate in the Rewards Program. The user’s actions are rewarded with IXFI Points, which can later be used to redeem free crypto and Airdrop tickets — to win prizes such as service subscriptions, NFTs, and other digital assets.

The company has two prime missions. The first is to positively impact the global adoption of digital currencies while educating and rewarding the community and making the crypto world globally accessible. And the second goal is to become a market-leading crypto exchange platform.

To reach the determined goals, IXFI takes platform security and Blockchain technology integration to the next level, turning them into a platform that is easy to understand and use.

The crypto trading platform is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Mobile users can download and install IXFI from Google Play and Apple Store.