Utorg Lists APT

Utorg Lists APT

We are so delighted to announce that Utorg has extended its list of crypto available for purchasing and added APT on Aptos, the technological successor to Meta’s (formerly Facebook) Diem blockchain (formerly known as Libra).

This list’s extension means that crypto users from 175 countries have a shot at buying this digital asset with 10+ most convenient payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as with the help of 25 fiat currencies. And the quick 3-minute KYC verification enables everyone to make a purchase in minutes.

What is APT on Aptos?

APT is a cryptocurrency designed to supply the ecosystem of Aptos. This cryptocurrency was officially launched on 20 October 2022. Despite its extremely young age, APT obtains several useful features.

First of all, it is worth highlighting that APT on Aptos is an interpretable digital asset. Its standard way of implementation intends to improve compatibility as well as interoperability within the Aptos ecosystem.

Secondly, the capability of defining fungible, semi-fungible, and non-fungible digital assets facilitates the Aptos network’s liquidity.

And last but not least, the Aptos blockchain utilizes its token standard intended to reduce resource use. As a result, this utilization helps to reduce expenses and increase the amount of creating NFTs and other digital assets.

How to buy APT with Utorg?

It is child’s play to buy APT on Aptos on Utorg. The only thing you have to go through is to follow this simple, two-step instruction.

The first step — set up your purchasing order. The system will request you to specify the details of your order. It means you need to set up the needed currency pair (in your case, it should be the most convenient fiat currency and APT on the side of crypto), enter the amount of APT you will buy, and your actual crypto wallet address.

The second step — complete the payment. To buy crypto, it is necessary to pay for it. On Utorg, you can complete the payment with the help of the most suitable local payment methods.

Bear in mind that newcomers should, without fail,  complete their identity verification. Thanks to our AI-powered KYC module, it is a matter of 3 minutes. Just upload one of your identity documents (whether it is your valid passport or driving license) and go through the liveness check (turn on your web camera/selfie camera and rotate your head according to the instructions).

Two steps, a few minutes of your time, and APT on Aptos will be on your crypto wallet in the needed amount.