Utorg Lists NXUSD

Utorg Lists NXUSD

One of the essential goals of Utorg is to make crypto globally available. On the way to achieving this goal, we are happy to announce that we have extended our list and added a newly developed token NXUSD by Nereus Finance

It means that crypto users from almost 200 countries have a shot to buy this digital asset with the most convenient payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as with the help of 25 fiat currencies. And the quick 3-minute KYC verification enables everyone to make a purchase in minutes.

What is NXUSD?

NXUSD is a cryptocurrency soft-pegged to the US Dollar developed by Nereus Finance. This stablecoin is based on Avalanche blockchain technology, and 1 NXUSD is always traded for a price equal to 1 US Dollar. 

One of the essential benefits of this stable cryptocurrency is the opportunity to borrow this crypto with a zero interest rate. And what is more interesting, the company charges a one-time fee, which is equal to 0.5%. 

How to buy NXUSD with Utorg?

The purchasing process of NXUSD with the help of Utorg is easy and pretty straightforward. You only need to follow the guidance and its two elementary steps.

  1. Set up your order. You need to provide the system with the specific information related to your purchasing order: choose the currency pair (the most preferred fiat currency from one side and NXUSD from the other), the amount you want to buy, and the valid crypto wallet address.
  2. Make a purchase. To complete the purchasing process, you must process a payment with one of the most suitable payment methods. It can be either a debit/credit card or Apple Pay/Google Pay.

New users must complete the mandatory KYC verification. This process is completely automatized and takes no more than 3 minutes. It is necessary to upload your identity document (a valid passport or driving license) and complete the liveness check (to make a few moves of your head in front of your web camera or front camera).