Utorg Partners Up with Caduceus

Utorg Partners Up with Caduceus

We are absolutely over the moon to announce that we have forged a significant partnership with none other than Caduceus, the world’s first blockchain specifically designed for Metaverse development.

Under the frame of the partnership deal, our top-notch crypto on-ramp solution will be integrated into Caduceus’s already-existed lineup of products and enhance its whole ecosystem. So, its users in 175 countries can buy needed tokens in a few clicks and access the exciting universe of Metaverse without any hassle.

With this integration, many people can seamlessly onboard Web3 without jumping through the usual headaches and hoops. Moreover, our AI-powered KYC module enables users to verify their identities in just about 3 minutes, and 13+ payment methods allow them to buy crypto most conveniently.

About Caduceus

Caduceus is a layer 1 EVM blockchain designed for Metaverse development, offering fast transaction speeds and low gas fees due to its innovative consensus mechanism. It provides developers, creators, and users with a unique experience by utilizing extended-reality technology, decentralized rendering, and edge computing.

To make it easier for developers to create blockchain-based metaverse ecosystems, Caduceus offers assistance and toolkits that lower the barrier to entry. It offers a modular approach that allows for fast plug-in assembly of each bottom layer and development module, leading to the rapid customization of the blockchain system of the assembly project.

Caduceus offers various creation tools for 3D game materials/models, NFT minting, and fractionalization. The Caduceus Creation Platform, an open-source software and hardware platform, supports large screens, charts, and various interface interaction management, monitoring, operation, and maintenance techniques.

It has successfully secured $4 million in its Series A investment round. After their mainnet went live, over 100 projects spanning DeFi, infrastructure, Web3, NFT, GameFi, and other industries joined the ecosystem.

Caduceus is also collaborating with many leading companies in the Web2 space and in film, television, sports, and other fields. These collaborations include partnerships with Bin Zayed Group (a Dubai Sovereign company), One Van Films (a well-known Hollywood production company), Lawrence Dallaglio (a football legend), and Ian Botham (a cricket godfather).