Utorg Provides An On-Ramp To USN In 187 Countries

Utorg Provides An On-Ramp To USN In 187 Countries

We are excited to announce that we have become the first fintech company that offers to buy USN, a stablecoin on Near blockchain, in 175 countries while making this stablecoin available globally. Starting from this moment, you can make a purchase of USN on our website quickly and easily.

What is USN?

USN is a native stablecoin developed for Near Protocol by the Decentral Bank. It is a soft-peg to USD (the US Dollar) token backed by USDT stablecoin and NEAR cryptocurrency. Stablecoin was created to increase the liquidity of the NEAR ecosystem.

Thanks to a self-balancing Reserve Fund and on-chain arbitrage, this cryptocurrency is securely pegged to the US Dollar. Additionally, smart contracts maintain this peg. In case of any instability and shifts, arbitrageurs will use the price difference between smart contracts on the chain and exchanges until the moment when arbitrageurs reach the stability in the ratio and return the needed peg.

How to buy USN with Utorg?

For every new user who wants to start dealing with the Near-native stablecoin USN, it is always interesting to know how to purchase this stable cryptocurrency. At Utorg, this process takes several minutes, and the only thing required is to go through the three elementary steps.

The first step. On the “Buy USN” page, fill in fiat currency you are going to pay with (choose from the list the most suitable one), the amount of fiat money or crypto and your actual Near wallet. To go further, click on the “Buy USN Near” button.

The second step. When the specification of your order is completed, you must make the payment. It can be done with the help of Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or another payment method available.

The third step. And finally, for new users, it is mandatory to complete KYC verification. Every licensed company should obligate its customers to do this because of the strict rules of the regulators. Thanks to Utorg’s AI-based software, it is a matter of 2-3 minutes to complete this verification and be able to buy USN in 187 countries.

After completing these three steps, it is highly recommended to go to your Near wallet and check the balance. In general, the purchasing process takes several minutes for new users and a moment for customers who have already gone through KYC.