Utorg Starts Operating in Massachusetts

Utorg Starts Operating in Massachusetts

Recently, we reached a significant milestone for our company after entering the crypto market of the United States. As for the beginning, we have started operating in 10 states, including California, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Indiana. However, we have a great desire to give our partners a shot to cover a broader audience there and provide them with more customers.

To come closer to this goal, we have unlocked one more location — the state of Massachusetts. From this moment forward, its citizens (the population of the state is close to 7 million potential customers) can buy different cryptocurrencies via our innovative fiat-to-crypto gateway. In total, we provide our services in 11 states presently.

As for their convenience and seamless onboarding to Web3, the US citizens can use the most suitable local payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and complete the identity verification in the twinkling of an eye to buy crypto.

More benefits from Utorg

Besides quick and seamless onboarding of the US users to the web3 community, your crypto business can count on a bunch of additional perks that come along with one simple integration of our on-ramp solution.

What advantages can your business take from our fiat-to-crypto gateway? Here is a small listing:

  • 175 countries coverage;
  • 10+ payment methods;
  • 26+ local fiat currencies;
  • AI-powered KYC within 3 minutes;
  • Personal integration manager;
  • 24/7 live chat user support;
  • Passive income from transaction fees.

If you are interested in entering the extremely valuable and profitable crypto market of the United States and increasing your revenue, take your first step to make a dream come true. Apply now, integrate our on-ramp widget to your application or site within 24 hours and at no cost, and get access to 11 states of the US.