Utorg Teams Up with FLUUS

Utorg Teams Up with FLUUS

At Utorg, we are constantly exploring innovative ways to broaden our network of partners and facilitate the widespread adoption of crypto. That is precisely why we are thrilled to unveil our latest partnership with FLUUS.

Through this exciting deal, we will enhance the entire FLUUS ecosystem by integrating our top-notch fiat gateway, all while streamlining the process of purchasing crypto for its users. With this integration, the users can onboard Web3 more effortlessly without any usual headaches and irritations.

What is more, our cutting-edge AI-powered KYC module ensures that users can verify their identities in just under 3 minutes, providing a lightning-fast and hassle-free user experience. And with more than 13 payment methods to choose from, buying crypto has never been easier or more convenient.


FLUUS is a forward-thinking company that provides both developer and consumer-facing solutions to bridge the gap between crypto services, revolutionizing access to Web3. Established in March 2022, the company is devoted to creating global solutions that meet the needs of underserved markets, with a mission to connect people to better economic opportunities.

FLUUS presents a harmonious suite of tools, enabling users from the Middle East and North Africa to buy, sell, and swap crypto via an innovative aggregation engine. This ensemble boasts FLUUS Pay, a collateralized on-/off-ramping widget that connects emerging markets to the thriving crypto world. Businesses that weave FLUUS into their digital framework reap the rewards of fee reductions by staking FLUUS Tokens and joining the FLUUS partner DAO.

FLUUS masterfully crafts an on-/off-ramp, granting consumers smooth UX to access to Web3 services. Its flagship payment solution is designed to streamline transactions by eliminating friction and clarifying the intricate process of navigating the crypto economy.

Another star in the FLUUS ecosystem is FLUUS Auth, a versatile SDK tailored for developers eager to incorporate the FLUUS app and facilitate effortless Web3 onboarding within their unique products and services.

At the core of FLUUS’ mission lies a commitment to resolving real-world issues by harnessing the transformative potential of blockchain technology. The company recognizes the long-term implications of its technology and endeavors to equip, collaborate and plan ahead with users and developers, paving the way for a more prosperous developing world.

The company’s dedication to improving lives extends beyond its primary mission. It actively supports international aid organizations in providing critical financial services to regions affected by conflict. In fact, FLUUS has successfully off-ramped more than $1 million in aid services for an I-NGO in Ukraine.

By leveraging its expertise, assets, and influence, FLUUS makes significant progress toward realizing its vision of a world where the benefits of blockchain technology are accessible to everyone.