Utorg Teams Up with Walken

Utorg Teams Up with Walken

We are so excited to announce our latest partnership deal with the world’s first free-to-play mobile game Walken, which connects crypto, gaming, and lifestyle.

This partnership will allow us to strengthen our position in the market and extend our partnership network. On the other hand, Walken users from 175 countries will be able to use our on-ramp solution to buy WLKN in the fastest and most secure way.

About Walken

Walken is a lifestyle mobile application related to the category of play-to-earn games, specifically to walk-to-earn projects.

This application enables users to earn digital assets (GEMs and WLKNs) through physical activity — walking and running while competing against other users in various battle games and leveling up their in-game characters (CAThletes). The higher level of a player’s CAThlete is, the more digital assets this player will be able to get.

All digital assets can be used to level up users’ in-game characters and improve their characteristics or to buy NFT items on the marketplace to earn extra character points and win more competitions. All NFTs can also be sold on the marketplace.

Walken is a mobile application that is most suitable for those who want to combine sports activities with online mobile gaming and the opportunity to earn crypto.