Utorg To Enter The US Market

Utorg To Enter The US Market

While having great success in the markets of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, there is always a desire to extend the horizons and presence elsewhere. This time, we are one step closer to expanding our presence in a new region and new market - the United States of America.

Relatively soon, citizens of the U.S. will have an opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies with the help of the most convenient payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other local payment options.

For us, it is a great challenge, which will undoubtedly become a celebrated and significant achievement. And that is what we are doing to reach our goal.

Our actions to enter the US market

Entering a new market is a challenging task requiring a lot of effort. And to join the U.S. market is way more complicated because each state has its own regulation in this regard and requires an individual approach. To expand our presence in the market of the United States, we have five primary tasks to accomplish:

1. To create AML/TF policies following the U.S. legal framework. It is based on fundamental documents such as the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and USA Patriot Act.

2. To study each state’s legal framework concerning registration.

3. To train our staff directly, serving customers to work with residents of the United States.

4. To train our staff to report suspicious transactions under FinCen guidelines.

5. To do a technical revision of our product.

The great news is that we have almost done all of these tasks and are around the corner to enter the new market of the United States to provide its people with an option to buy different cryptocurrencies safely, quickly, and seamlessly.

As Daniel Stolberg, COO at Utorg, has commented:

“Working with the top crypto companies, we understand that most of them prioritize the U.S. market. We always take heed of our partners and strive to make our service meet all their needs. Therefore, our team has done a terrific job, and now, we are happy that our partners will be able to onboard U.S. users just as easily as they do with users from 175 countries where we already provide our services.”