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You always get the amount stated in the You Receive field. No hidden fees or extra charges.

High limits

Up to 5,000 EUR per transaction
or 15,000 EUR per month

How to buy AVAX

Buy Avalanche with INR fast

Take 3 steps to buy Avalanche (AVAX) with INR:

  1. Filling the order form.
  2. Checking out with any Visa/MasterCard bank card or any of alternative payment methods available on UTORG.
  3. Taking a 3-minute ID verification, if new to our service.

That’s it. Note that you can face fees from alternative payment systems and banks, and UTORG bears no responsibility for those.

As you can see, we did our best to cut out the unnecessary and make things clear, cheap and convenient for all users. 

To learn more about wallets and security: swipe left, to read the guide: scroll down.

AVAX wallets

You know where to buy AVAX crypto, but not where to store it? Well, AVAX is supported by many reliable hot (software) wallets support it, for example Trust wallet that you can quickly install on your smartphone.

If you prefer hardware wallets, Ledger supports Avalanche (AVAX).

Getting a AVAX wallet

Definitely not rocket science. 

We stand with simplicity and of course recommend a lightweight mobile product, like Trust wallet. Install it on your device and you are good to go.

Once you get it, find the deposit address for the UTORG order form, copy it and create your first order to buy AVAX coin.

Order paid, what now?

Before, we used to warn newbies that they can face a delay before actual delivery of coins to the wallet. It is related to particularities of blockchain. 

Yet, newer smart-contract capable platforms including Avalanche are designed to eliminate this issue and work faster than first generation blockchains. You are likely to get your coins with minimum delay. 

We also provide a link to a real time transaction tracker. 

If something unexpected happens, we will notify you and, if a transaction is cancelled, return all the money.

Is UTORG safe?

Yes, it is a safe place to buy AVAX crypto

UTORG complies with all applicable international rules and regulations, including GDPR, as well as continuously implements best practices related to data protection. We have all the necessary licenses to offer services in the crypto domain.

Moreover, to ensure security of your personal and financial data, we obtained a level 2 PCI DSS certificate

Note that payment systems and services, like MasterCard and Visa, also have their own security tools.

Wallet protection tips

After you buy Avalanche crypto, follow a simple set of rules to protect your wallet from fraudsters:

  1. Don’t trust web wallets; withdraw often if you use holders at exchanges.
  2. Train yourself to use 2FA, better safe than sorry.
  3. Get a separate email address for your AVAX wallet.
  4. Never share your private key and balance. Remember that no trustworthy financial service provider will ever ask for such info.

Be careful while filling in forms, check twice before submitting any transfer form. Blockchain transactions are irreversible by definition.

Step-by-Step guide


Before you go

To buy AVAX crypto with INR you need our service and:

  • A valid AVAX wallet (try Trust wallet)
  • Secure email address
  • Any card issued by Visa/MasterCard or your credentials for alternative payment method

Selfie-camera and an ID doc for ID verification.


Ordering Avalanche (AVAX)

To buy AVAX, you have to create an order:

  1. Specify the amount in fiat or crypto. UTORG will apply the current rate for calculation.
  2. Paste the deposit address of your AVAX wallet into the corresponding field.
  3. Tap Buy AVAX.

Ta-da, the order is created. Now let’s check some details and perform the payment.


Entering email and country

We check email addresses to create and account for you. Also, we have to make sure you are not some bot trying to buy Avalanche crypto. 

Likewise, we need to know your location to make sure our services are available in your country. 

All you gotta do is enter a valid e-mail address you want to use for your account at UTORG, check the Inbox for a 6-digit confirmation code and paste this code into a corresponding field. Next, choose India in the list.


Entering email and country

This step is simple and familiar as well: 

  1. Provide your card details or enter credentials for an alternative payment method you prefer to use.
  2. Authorize payment by providing a code from SMS.

That’s it. Note that external services (banks, payment gateways) may charge their own fees. If you are new to UTORG, spare 5 minutes more to take the verification procedure.


Taking an ID check

It will only take you a couple of minutes:

  1. Upload an image of a valid ID (driving license, passport).
  2. Use your webcam or selfie camera for liveness check. 

You can switch from device to device while taking the ID check.

Thanks to the top-notch AI-based automated check algorithm, you will get the result in 3 minutes

Note that your money will not leave your card account unless the check result is positive.


Delivery of coins

Avalanche (AVAX) is faster than Ethereum, so there are almost no delays between the checkout and delivery of coins to your wallet. 

Also, you will be able to track your order in real time in your account at UTORG. Errors and failures are highly unlikely; even if they occur, we notify customers ASAP and return 100% of their money in case of deal cancellation.

If at any point you have questions, contact the support service by email or text us in the live chat. We are there for you 24/7.

Frequently asked questions

0 fee, is it true?

Yes, we charge no service fee whenever we can and hidden commissions don’t exist at UTORG. 

As a side note though you should be aware of a conversion fee for buying AVAX banks may impose if your card account is denominated in a fiat currency we don’t support. 

Also alternative payment systems may charge fees we don’t control.

For more details and explanations, contact your service providers.

Is Avalanche buying fast on UTORG?

Instant gratification, well, almost. Newcomers will need 5 minutes more to take a short and simple verification procedure when they buy AVAX coin for the first time. Otherwise, it's almost instant.

Do I have to verify my identity every time?

No. It is a procedure only new users take once. Afterwards you will be able to buy AVAX even faster.

When is the money written off my card?

Only after a successful verification or immediately after checkout with a virtual, debit or credit card, if you are a returning customer. While you are taking a verification procedure, fiat is locked on your card account to avoid rate fluctuations. If the verification is successful, the money is written off; otherwise the money is released and becomes available to you as soon as the bank reacts. 

Also, the money is released in 24 hours, if you don’t take the verification.

How trustworthy is UTORG?

See for yourself: we have all the necessary operation licenses and a valid level 2 РСI DSS certificate. It means we comply with both legal requirements applicable to our domain and implement best practices in the area of IT security to protect personal and card data of our users. Our approach to security implies continuous improvement and updates.

Payment failed, what could be wrong?

Seems that your bank rejected the transaction. Do the following now:

  • Check your balance and top up if needed, or change the order
  • Retry checking out
  • Use another card, e.g. from State Bank of India. By default all Visa/Mastercard should work, but errors occur, debit cards tend to work better. You can also try an alternative payment method.
  • Call your bank and ask to allow the payment

It is almost certain that you will resolve the issue.

Any limits on AVAX deals?

Some limits do exist when you buy AVAX coin, as we have to comply with the AML/KYC requirements and other regulations. Here is what we offer:

  • 12 transactions per card within every 24 hours (counted from the last transaction, not from midnight to midnight)
  • A transaction cannot exceed 7,999 EUR 
  • The monthly (every 30 days regardless of the calendar) limit depends on your verification status

For more details, check the limits page.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way