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You always get the amount stated in the You Receive field. No hidden fees or extra charges.

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Up to 5,000 EUR per transaction
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How to buy

Buying Dogecoin with INR

Buying DOGE in 1, 2, 3:

  1. Create the order by filling in a simple purchase form. Note that it gives you the definitive deal amount. We don’t have hidden fees.
  2. Check the data and click Buy Dogecoin.
  3. Check out with a card or any available payment method. 

If you are new to our service, you will have to take a short verification procedure. It is the law. The good news is that we made sure it will not take more than 5 minutes

Feel confused at any step? Check our guide and FAQ in English. Want to learn more about wallets and coins, swipe left. 

Dogecoin wallets

DOGE is supported by the most popular cold and hot wallets. 

Wondering what cold and hot wallets are? Well, the former are hardware devices for secure storage of coins. They are expensive and cannot offer very fast access. We prefer hot wallets: light-weight mobile and desktop apps that combine the best of the two worlds now: fast access and adequate security. The majority of hot wallets are free. 

  • If partisan to cold wallets, check Ledger and Trezor. These are trustworthy products with a good record.

For mobile go with Exodus.

New Doge wallet

Well, getting a new wallet can be a bit tricky if you opted for a hardware device. You will have to order it and then configure. 

We suggest you just download an app, say, Exodus and find the deposit address for DOGE in it to use in the order form. That’s it.

After the purchase

UTORG instantly processes your order. The blockchain is less fast, but Dogecoin does better than most other networks, including Bitcoin, so your coins will be in your wallet within a couple of minutes

You can always go to your account and check the transaction status in real time; we will email the link to you. 

Note that we will immediately notify you and return all the money back, if for some reason your transaction cannot be performed.

Is UTORG safe?

Yes. UTORG complies with all applicable international rules and regulations, including GDPR, as well as continuously implements best practices related to data protection. We have all the necessary licenses to offer services in the crypto domain.

Moreover, to ensure security of your personal and financial data, we obtained a level 2 PCI DSS certificate

Note that payment systems and services, like MasterCard and Visa, also have their own security tools.

Storing DOGE safely

A lot is being done to protect your coins online, yet it is your responsibility to follow simple rules in real life to avoid fraudsters. Here’s something to keep in mind:

  1. Online wallets aren’t safe. Avoid them. Check our recommendations.
  2. It’s best to get a fresh email address for any new financial app or service you get. 
  3. 2FA is good, actually.
  4. Don’t show your balance to strangers.
  5. The above is true for private keys as well.

Be careful with the data you enter. Blockchain transactions are irreversible.

Step-by-Step guide

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Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way