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How to buy ETH

Buy Ethereum (Arbitrum) for NZD in 4 steps

1. Obtain a wallet that meets your requirements. 

2. Create your wallet address for ETH (Arbitrum) tokens

3. Gather all what is needed (dedicated email, working web camera etc)

4. Navigate to UTORG and follow the purchasing steps 

UTORG provides a very intuitive process for acquiring ETH (Arbitrum) crypto. All of this will take a few minutes, or even less if you have already completed the KYC process and are an established user.

The best secure wallets for ETH

You should choose a wallet depending on your individual requirements, security circumstances, and real token availability. There are typically four kinds of cryptocurrency wallets: 

  • The majority of online wallets are handy yet insecure compared to alternative solutions. These are not recommended. You may choose Metamask as an example, but you must first learn how to transmit ETH (Arbitrum) token from Metamask if you later wish to switch wallets. 
  • Hardware wallets are the most secure, but they must be purchased, while other choices are free. Ledger and Trezor are the two most well-known cold crypto wallets. They don’t support ETH (Arbitrum) crypto token natively, so you have to figure out first how to do so. If the process may seem complicated, pick a desktop or mobile alternative.
  • Desktop wallets are very helpful if you often use a computer or laptop. There is a list of wallets that support ETH (Arbitrum) token, but you should do your own research before selecting one. 
  • Mobile wallets: if you prefer mobile use, then mobile wallets are very handy and provide moderate to high levels of security personally for you.

How to create an Arbitrum wallet in 5 minutes?

For ETH (Arbitrum) token there is no out-of-the-box solution. But, as an example let's use Metamask. For it, you can get a step-by-step guide from trusted exchanges here or here.

Ethereum (Arbitrum): how it works

Arbitrum aims to reduce network congestion and transaction fees by offloading as much labor and data storage off Ethereum's mainnet or layer 1 as feasible (L1). The approach utilized by the Arbitrum network to store data off-chain is known as the layer 2 (L2) scaling solution (built on top of the leading Ethereum network).

How to buy ETH on Arbitrum safely?

With UTORG, since we have obtained PCI DSS Level 2 certification and hold an EU issued license. Thus, you may be 100% sure about safety.

Step-by-Step guide


Preparation to buy ETH on Arbitrum

Before purchasing ETH (Arbitrum) token on UTORG, ensure the following is present: 

  • Individualized wallet address 
  • Email address
  • Needed data and access to preferable payment method
  • To pass the KYC verification, you need a smartphone with a front-facing camera or a computer/laptop with a webcam (only if this is your first transaction with UTORG; subsequent transactions do not need this).

Create your order

Follow UTORG to make your first purchase if you are familiar with the aforementioned instructions. Follow what’s indicated below: 

  • Find the widget, which is always located on the website's right side. Each of the mandatory fields must be filled out. 
  • Input the quantity of currency you want to exchange or the desired number of ETH in the appropriate area. The rate will be calculated automatically by the system. 
  • Enter your ETH (Arbitrum) crypto wallet address 
  • Click the "Buy ETH (Arbitrum)" button after carefully reviewing the information you've entered.


Email verification process

Prior to your ETH (Arbitrum) crypto order and currency exchange, we must confirm that your email address is legitimate and that you have access to it. This is one of the ways we verify your identity as a genuine person. 

One of the first stages in placing an order is to give a valid email address. If everything checks out, you will get an email with a six-digit number. Enter this code into the designated space to continue with your purchase. 

Select your nation of residency from the subsequent drop-down menu. In most instances, the nation is automatically determined based on your geolocation. Simply verify that everything is accurate.


Paying for ETH (Arbitrum) crypto

Regardless of the payment method you use, the buying process is straightforward. For instance, if it is a credit card: 

1. Type in your card details (number, expiration date, name on card and cvv-code). This works for credit and debit cards issued virtually. 

2. To confirm the payment, you must input the code you get by SMS. This is a required step for the 3-D Secure protocol to maintain security. 

If this is your first purchase on UTORG, you must complete an identity verification process after entering your card information. Order amount will be frozen to safeguard against ETH price fluctuations. Don't be concerned about this function, since your money is in a secure location.


KYC procedure

Due to our compliance with EU rules, KYC is required for first-time users of UTORG. The KYC process itself is quick (around 3 minutes) and easy. Listed below are the steps: 

1. Upload your document 

2. Allow your webcam or front camera to function and adhere to the instructions. 

Your personal information is handled without human intervention by an algorithm using artificial intelligence. This procedure typically takes three minutes or less. For the time being, we have frozen the ETH price for your purchase by pre-purchasing the required quantity of ETH on the exchange and charging your credit card. Once verification is complete, both of the above are released. If the KYC verification cannot be conducted successfully, we will remove the freeze and your credit card money will be accessible again after your bank verifies the unblock procedure.


Getting your ETH

Once UTORG gets your NZD payment, we instantly begin delivering your ETH (Arbitrum) crypto token to your wallet address. Consider that the transaction itself takes time (it must be verified), depending on network traffic. Typically, when network congestion is low to moderate, confirmation takes around 10 minutes.

UTORG will send you a URL with which you may track the progress of your purchase in real-time. 

If you encounter any issues or more than an hour has gone after your transaction was completed, please contact the support staff through live chat or email.

Frequently asked questions

Does UTORG charge fees?

No, UTORG is a free service when an ETH (Arbitrum) crypto is purchased. Pay close care, since your bank may levy a fee.

How long does the order process take?

If you are an existing user, the process will be instantaneous. However, a one-time KYC check is required for new clients, since we adhere to EU legislative standards. Our KYC procedure is automated by an artificial intelligence technology and takes around three minutes. Everything else is dependent on the Arbitrum network load.

How many times should I pass KYC?

KYC is only performed once for new clients.

When will I be charged for my order?

Once our system processes your identity information (KYC).

Is it safe to buy ETH from UTORG?

Yes. UTORG has PCI DSS Level 2 certification and holds an EU issued license as a financial service. We don’t disclose your personal information and give 100% guarantee to deliver your order.

What if a bank rejects the transaction?

It is feasible, since some banks adhere to their own, variable conditions. If you are experiencing rejection with crypto Arbitrum ETH, please review the following: 

  • If there is enough money on your card, try a different card (debit cards have a higher success rate)
  • contact your bank's support service and ask them to allow the payment
  • use a card from a different bank if possible (for instance, instead of a ANZ Bank New Zealand card, try to buy cryptocurrency with a ASB Bank card). 
  • try to repeat the transaction

Please be aware that we accept all Visa and MasterCard bank card kinds, including: 

  • virtual cards 
  • debit cards 
  • credit cards

Are there any amount limits?

There are restrictions in place to prevent money laundering and other unlawful activity. If you like to get further information, please click on this link. The following is a quick summary: 

  • Each consumer is limited to 12 paid transactions every 24 hour period (despite the payment method) 
  • Single transaction limit is 7,999 EUR or equivalent in another currency (despite the ETH (Arbitrum) crypto price)

The 30 day restriction is determined by your level of verification. You may see it on your profile page. Please supply extra information about yourself, per the instructions on your profile, in order to enhance your level.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way