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How to buy USDT (TRC20)

USDT TRC20 for NZD in 3 steps

All in all, buying USDT TRC20 with New Zealand dollar is easy:

  1. Enter order details in the express purchase form.
  2. Check the form and click Buy USDT TRC20.
  3. Pay with any valid Visa/MasterCard bank card. 

Don’t worry about hidden charges, the service fee is 0.

If it is your first order, be prepared to spend 3 more minutes and take a short identity verification procedure. 

We continuously work on providing our users the best experience by making things smooth, intuitive and fast. Also, we have a brief guide for each step in English and answers to some popular questions. See below. 

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Storing USDT TRC20

A crypto wallet is actually an app or device with built-in software. Of course, it does not store any physical objects, but credentials required to access your coins and authorize a transaction in blockchain (a private key). Two major types of wallets are:

  • Hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor are designed for maximum security as private keys are stored offline. Yet, the benefit comes at price, as they are literally quite expensive. Also hardware or cold wallets are not very convenient for daily use and fast access. More like vaults than wallets.
  • Hot wallets like Exodus are free apps for mobile targeted at all users. The learning curve is short if it exists at all while security is not compromised unless you are too careless. We at UTORG prefer mobile wallets for daily use. 

Paper wallets are dying out, online ones have very poor protection and we strongly discourage using them.

Creating a new wallet

To buy Tether TRC20 fast, get a simple app like Exodus. It’s really easy. Basically, all you have to do is to get an app from your favorite store. 

To start trading, launch the app, find Tether TRC20 there and copy the deposit address to paste it into the UTORG order form.

After ordering

After you buy USDT TRC20 for NZD, UTORG immediately carries out its part of processing, but the blockchain network is not that fast. You will have to wait for about 15 minutes before coins arrive at your wallet. Given the rising demand for crypto and increasing network loads, we see the delays become longer as well. So 15 minutes can turn into an hour or more, don’t worry if it happens.

Anyway, you can always check the transaction status in our tracker accessible via your profile. We will also email you the link.

If anything goes wrong, we will immediately notify you. In case of a failure we guarantee a 100% refund.

Is UTORG a safe service?

Apart from being cheap and fast, UTORG is also safe. We took all possible measures to protect you from frauds, incomplete deliveries or dirty coins. We obtained or implemented:

  • licenses for operations with fiat and crypto. 
  • latest AI-based tools to manage the process at each step and to protect it from attacks.
  • a PCI DSS certificate to demonstrate compliance with strictest standards of card and personal data protection.

Visa and MasterCard payment systems also implement their own tools and techniques to ensure security of their debit, credit and virtual cards.

Safe storage of Tether TRC20

Security tech is good now, but make your wallet fool-proof by avoiding typical mistakes. Here are basic storage tips:

  1. Buy, withdraw, repeat. In other words, don’t trust online exchange holders. 
  2. Use a separate email address for your Tether TRC20 wallet or other significant accounts.
  3. Enable 2FA for wallets; don’t be lazy.
  4. Never disclose private keys of your wallets, trustworthy services never ask for such data. 
  5. Keep your wallet or card balance to yourself.  

Check twice the receiver data when creating a transaction. Blockchain transactions are irreversible by nature.

Step-by-Step guide


First things first

There are several things you need to have ready before creating an order to buy USDT TRC20 for NZD. Here is your checklist:

  • A crypto wallet supporting USDT TRC20 (e.g. Exodus)
  • An email address you are going to use for interaction with UTORG
  • A virtual, credit or debit card from Visa/MasterCard; best to have an account in one of the fiat currencies UTORG supports

A selfie camera and an ID issued in New Zealand to take the ID check (only for new users)


Creating a new order

All you need to create an order is to fill in several fields:

  1. Specify the amount in NZD or the amount of USDT TRC20 you plan to buy. The service will calculate the rest using the current exchange rate.
  2. Paste the deposit address of your USDT TRC20 wallet next. 
  3. Do a final check and click Buy USDT TRC20.

Done with the order, next is the checkout and some verifications.


Email and Country Verification

Now let’s make sure you are a real person and order from a country where UTORG operates. To do it:

  1. Enter a valid email address in the dialog following the order form. 
  2. Check the relevant mailbox for a 6-digit code. If the letter is not there, check the Spam folder. 
  3. Copy and paste the code into the dialog to confirm the address. 
  4. Finally, choose New Zealand in the list. 

Now let’s checkout.


Checkout with a card

To pay USDT TRC20 with any Visa/MasterCard card you only need to take 2 familiar steps:

  1. Specify card details in a clear form (enter name on card, card number, expiry date, secret code). Nothing new.
  2. Enter a confirmation code sent via SMS (3-D Secure Protocol check) to allow the payment. 

Done! Yet, if it’s your first purchase, there is one more step though. Take a brief identity verification procedure. It is mandatory to comply with the law, but we reduced it to 5 minutes and 2 steps.


Identity verification procedure

First time buyer? Then we have to learn a bit about you. Take 2 simple steps to verify your identity:

  1. Provide an image of your ID valid in New Zealand.
  2. Pose in front of your selfie camera for a liveness check.

In 3 minutes our AI-based solution will come back with the result. Don’t worry about the money, no charge-off before your are through with verification.


Delivery of USDT TRC20

UTORG sends USDT TRC20 to the buyer immediately after we receive payment. Yet, blockchain transactions are not instant by definition. At least, they are not now. So, the best case scenario means you will have to wait for 10-15 minutes before your coins arrive at the wallet. With increasing loads in blockchain networks delays increase, so be prepared to wait for an hour or more.

Few things are more annoying than waiting, but to make it less tedious we will give you a link to a tracker to monitor your transaction in real time. 

If USDT TRC20 is not delivered within a reasonable time or you get an error message, email the support service or use the live chat to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee for buying USDT TRC20?

UTORG sticks to being a zero-fee exchange service. We operate in a transparent manner and have no hidden charges. What you specify in your order is what you get.

Still there is a note to make: you bank can charge its fee for a NZD to USDT TRC20 conversion. Contact your bank for details.

Is your service fast?

As far as UTORG is concerned, buying USDT TRC20 for NZD is instant and requires no registration. If you use the service for the first time, take a 5-minute verification procedure.

Will I have to take the verification again?

You only take the verification once at your first order.

Does UTORG charge NZD off before verification?

No worries. We get the amount in NZD “frozen” on a card for the duration of verification to avoid the impact of likely USDT TRC20 price fluctuations on the final settlement. NZD is only charged off after verification success if confirmed. If not, the money is released immediately. The exact time when it is available to a card holder depends on how fast the bank reacts.

Is your service safe?

Yes. To prevent losses, frauds and other issues, UTORG:

  • Obtained a licence to carry out transactions in fiat and crypto.
  • Got a PCI DSS certificate to make sure our service meets top standards regarding card and personal data security.

Bank rejected the transaction, any way out?

It happens once in a while. Just try the following:

  • Check your card balance first, likely you need to top it up
  • Try checking out again, errors do occur
  • Try a different card, maybe from ANZ Bank New Zealand (debit cards tend to work better)
  • Contact your bank for help, ask to authorize your payment

That said, UTORG accepts all Visa/MasterCard cards (credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards).

Are there any limits?

Limits do exist, here is the summary:

  • Within 24 hours a user can make 12 transactions paid with the same credit, debit or virtual bank card. Note that the limit is counted for any 24-hour period following a purchase, not for a calendar day from  00:00 till 23:59;
  • A single transaction cannot exceed 7999 euros or an equivalent in the purchase fiat currency.
  • The monthly limit depends on your verification level (check your profile) and is also counted as a 31-day period after a purchase (not as a calendar month).

Follow the link to the page for details on applicable limits.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way