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How to buy Litecoin

Buy LTC with NZD

Take three steps to buy LTC with New Zealand dollar:

  1. Fill in our express form and check things well for accuracy.
  2. Click Buy LTC.
  3. Checkout with a debit, credit or virtual card from Visa/MasterCard. 

Add 3 more minutes for a short verification procedure, if it's the first time you buy litecoin. Otherwise the whole process is as quick as can be.

UTORG charges no service fee and sticks to delivering the best quality of service by making things easy, transparent and affordable for our customers in New Zealand and worldwide. If you have questions, refer to the guide below and swipe left for some tips.

LTC Wallets

Wallets for Litecoin come in all shapes and platforms, but for generalization they are usually divided into hot and cold ones. The former are lightweight apps (e.g. Plark for mobile) that enable faster access to balance and identification data, they are best for active trading; the latter are hardware devices (think Ledger and Trezor) for offline storage of critical data: the best option for storing large amounts of crypto, but fall behind in terms of usability, access speed and affordability. 

We are strong supporters of mobile apps that are free in any sense of the word. 

Paper and web-wallets are increasingly out of the scope, as the former are obsolete and the latter fail to provide adequate security levels.

Getting a new wallet

As far as we are concerned, all you have to do to start is to get a well-reputed wallet (e.g. Plark for mobile) to your device. Then launch the app, copy the LTC deposit address and you are good to go to UTROG and create an order to buy Litecoin. 

Make sure to keep your wallet safe and enjoy your crypto journey. Contrary to the urban lore, nothing can be easier.

LTC delivery time

UTORG processing engine operates instantly, but it doesn’t mean you instantly get your coins to the wallet. Having bought LTC with NZD, you will have to wait for 10-15 minutes or more before the blockchain network processes the transaction. Given increasing loads, processing times grow longer, but don’t worry, failures are highly unlikely. Anyway we will notify you if something goes wrong and give a 100% refund

Meanwhile you can track the transaction status in real time from your account, we will give a direct link.

Why is UTORG a safe exchange?

UTORG stands for one of the safest exchanges where you can buy litecoin and here is our body of proof: 

  • All necessary operation licenses 
  • Top-notch AI-based tools to protect the process and make it as smooth as possible
  • РCI DSS certificate that proves compliance with top international payment and personal data protection standards

Also, Visa and MasterCard payment systems use their own security tools and methods to ensure safe operations.

Keeping your LTC wallet safe

In general, modern apps offer a decent protection level, but it doesn’t mean you can get too careless and relaxed. Here is some advice on how to keep your litecoin safe:

  1. Exchange web wallets are not safe, withdraw your balance to your own wallet ASAP. 
  2. Use 2FA even if you don’t like it.
  3. Create a new email address for your wallet.
  4. Never disclose your private key or balance. No trustworthy party will ever ask for these details. 

Be accurate and mind typos when filling forms for transfers, blockchain transactions are irreversible.

Step-by-Step guide


What you need to start

To buy litecoin with NZD you need:

  • An active Plark wallet (e.g. Plark)
  • An email address, best if 2FA protected
  • Any debit, virtual or credit card from Visa/MasterCard to check out

A webcam/selfie camera and your ID for the first buy when you have to take an ID check


Creating a purchase order

First let’s sort out the figures. Fill in the form:

  1. Specify how much LTC you want to buy with NZD or enter the amount in fiat. The service does the math.
  2. Paste the LTC deposit address of your wallet next.
  3. Do a typo check and hit Buy LTC.

Done here, let’s move on


Email and country check

At this step we get your email address for a bot check and automated account creation. Also we make sure that you live in one of the countries our service is available in. That’s simple:

  1. Enter your email address and go to Inbox to get a message. You may need to check Spam.
  2. Copy a 6-digit confirmation code. Paste it in the confirmation field.
  3. Next choose New Zealand in the list. 

That’s it. Now to checkout.


Paying with a card

Checkout is pretty standard:

  1. Specify your card details (number, name on card, expiry date, secret code).
  2. Enter the confirmation code from SMS to allow payment (3-D Secure check).  

You are officially done unless it’s your first buy which means there is verification left.


ID verification

Verification will only take 3 minutes and we will not bother you again with it. Just do the following:

  1. Upload an image of an ID document.
  2. Pose in front of your webcam or selfie camera for a liveness check. 

The check is automated and will only take 5 minutes. Once we have the result and it is positive we charge off money from the card. Not before. So no worries


Getting LTC to your wallet

UTORG instantly sends coins to its customers but the nature of blockchain implies a delay of at least 10-15 minutes. It can exceed an hour in case of high network load, so don’t worry and monitor the process in your account. If something goes wrong, we will notify you and refund 100% of the money you paid. If you need help, contact the support service by email or text us in the live chat.

Frequently asked questions

0 fee, how so?

Crypto exchanges must be cheap, we mean it. So, yes, the service fee is 0 without hidden charges. You can only face a bank conversion fee when buying LTC with NZD, but only your bank can advise you on the details.

How fast is the service?

UTORG is designed to allow you to instantly buy LTC with NZD. The only bump on the road is a 5 minute verification you take one time during the first buy.

Do I have to take the verification again?

You take the verification once and for all. After it the whole process becomes even faster.

Is fiat money charged off before the verification?

The money is charged off only after successful verification. During the procedure it remains locked on your card account. If the service okays you, the money is taken, if not it is released immediately and becomes available to you after the bank reacts.

How well is the service protected?

We use all the available tools and methods to protect the service technically and legally. We have due operation licences, a valid РСI DSS certificate meaning compliance with best practices and standards of data security. Moreover, we keep implementing top IT security solutions and methods.

Payment rejected, what now?

Now relax and try the following:

  • Retry, there could be a technical error
  • Check balance and either top it up or change the deal amount
  • Try another card, maybe issued by a different bank, .e.g. ANZ Bank. While all Visa/MasterCard cards are supported, credit cards tend to work better
  • Call your bank and ask to authorize the deal

Serious blocking issues are highly unlikely to arise.

Any limits on my way to the Moon?

You can definitely go to the moon and beyond, but gradually and abiding to the law that made us implement the following limits:

  • 12 transactions per any 24 hours paid with the same card (note again, it’s not about calendar days from midnight to midnight, but about any 24 hours after a purchase)
  • 8,000 EUR (or an equivalent in the purchase currency) is a deal limit
  • The monthly limit (30 days following a purchase not any calendar month) depends on your verification level. Check your profile for details.

For more details on limits, follow the link.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way