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You always get the amount stated in the You Receive field. No hidden fees or extra charges.

High limits

Up to 5,000 EUR per transaction
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How to buy XRP

Step-by-Step guide


Before purchasing

To buy crypto with fiat, you need:

  • An active crypto wallet
  • An email to have an account registered
  • A Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card with an adequate balance, or credentials for the alternative payment system you plan to use

For your first order, have your ID and web-camera ready for an identity verification


Placing an order

Fill in the web order form:

  1. Enter either the amount in crypto or in fiat money, the service will calculate and fix the deal amount. We try to keep fees close to zero, but even if there is a fee we cannot avoid, it will be expressly specified in the form.

Note that we bear no responsibility for fees from third-party services (alternative payment systems) or banks. 

  1. Once done with figures, enter your wallet deposit address. 
  2. Check the input and if everything is correct, click Buy.

Account setup

Now we need to create a new account for you and check whether the service is available in your country. All you have to do is:

  1. Give us your email address and check the mailbox for confirmation code
  2. Copy the code and paste it in the next dialogue. 
  3. Then select your country from the list. 

Next is checkout.


Choosing a payment method to buy OKC Token

To purchase crypto tokens, you need to make a payment. Utorg offers over 13 payment options for your convenience, including credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Play.

Regardless of the payment method you choose, you will need to confirm the transaction. You can do this through your online banking application.


Identity verification

First time buyers have to take a short identity verification procedure; it’s mandatory, but we made it short and smooth. Thanks to our top-notch AI-based algorithms, you will get the result within 3 minutes.Take these 2 steps:

  1. Upload an image of your passport, driver’s license or other document accepted by the service.
  2. Take a liveness check with your webcam/smartphone selfie-cam.

Note that you can switch between devices while taking the procedure.  

If everything is ok, we will write off the money that was locked on your account at the previous step. Otherwise your money will be immediately released. It is also released in 24 hours if you take no action.


Сrypto delivery

Once paid, we send crypto to your wallet immediately, but transaction processing in the blockchain takes some time. Be prepared to wait 5-15 minutes. At peak loads delays can be up to an hour. 

To check the transaction status, use our online tracker. It is available in your profile, and we will also send you a direct link when you create an order. 

If you need help, email the support team or text us via the live chat.

Frequently asked questions

Do you charge fees?

Our policy is lowest fees and max transparency. We offer a zero blockchain fee whenever possible, and if a fee is unavoidable, we specify it in order conditions. So, you see how much you are going to pay before taking any definitive actions. 

Note that alternative payment systems can have their own fees; banks may charge a conversion fee, if your card is linked to an account in a currency we don’t yet support. For more details on third-party fees, contact respective service providers.

How fast will crypto come to my wallet?

Buying crypto with us is fast and order processing is instant. Blockchain needs some time to process the transaction. With newer networks you have good chances to get your coins in 2-5 minutes. With older ones expect a 10-15 minutes wait.

Don’t worry if a longer delay occurs, it happens at peak network loads.

Is verification required for every order?

No, only for the first one. Once you take it, you will be able to buy crypto even faster.

Will you take the money before verification?

The short answer is “No”. 

After the checkout the money is locked for the duration of the procedure. We fix the order conditions to avoid rate fluctuations. If you pass the verification, we take the money, otherwise, we release it. Also, the money is unlocked in 24 hours, if no action is taken.

Is it safe to use UTORG?

Yes, it is. UTORG puts a lot of effort into ensuring max security as well as compliance with top international standards and applicable laws, including the GDPR. We obtained licenses to provide services in the crypto domain, as well as a level 2 PCI DSS certificate proving our adherence to best international practices.

Can I buy crypto anonymously using a credit/debit card?

At Utorg, buying crypto with a credit or debit card without providing personal information is impossible. This is because our platform follows strict regulatory requirements for AML and identity verification procedures.

To buy crypto from Utorg, you must complete the identity verification process by providing personal information and verifying your identity. You must also use a payment method that is linked to your name. It is worth noting that maintaining anonymity while buying cryptocurrencies through regulated platforms that accept credit or debit cards can be challenging. Therefore, Utorg prioritizes regulatory compliance to ensure secure and transparent transactions for all our users.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way