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No hidden fees. Buy at true cost
No registration. Simplified process
Fast verification. AI-based algorithm
Protected transactions
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Secured cardholder data
About PCI DSS Certificate

Fair pricing

You always get the amount stated in the You Receive field. No hidden fees or extra charges.

High limits

Up to 5,000 EUR per transaction
or 15,000 EUR per month

How to buy

Near wallet

TLDR, any wallet is a solution that allows accessing your coins. In general, we recommend you use lightweight mobile apps. But for Near the obvious solution is Near wallet, a non-custodial web-based wallet for Near blockchain. To get started, follow the link and click Create account

If you fancy reading a bit more about crypto wallets, here is some info. There are two major categories of wallets:

  • Hot wallets for mobile devices and PCs. These apps allow accessing your coins fast and promptly creating transactions. The trade-off is believed to be lower security. Yet, modern technologies put trustworthy products at par with hardware wallets.
  • Hardware wallets like Ledger. These small devices store sensitive data offline which adds to security. Yet, they are quite expensive and slow. Good for major holdings.

Ah, paper wallets still exist, but who cares? We also strongly discourage using online holders that do lack protection.

Near wallet

To get Near without much ado, create the native Near wallet on the website. Then just copy the deposit address to the clipboard to use it on UTORG. 

Other wallets, for example, Ledger, may require additional configuration. We prefer keeping things as simple as possible.

After buying Near

Don’t go too far. The service immediately processes the order and, while blockchain is not that fast, it will hardly take the network more than 15 minutes to validate the transaction. Moreover, Near is faster than other blockchains and you are likely to get your coins in a couple of minutes.

Anyway, you can always check the status of your transaction in your profile; we will also email you the link once the order is paid. 

If anything unexpected occurs, we will notify you immediately. We also guarantee 100% moneyback if the transaction is not processed for some reason.

Is it safe to buy Near on UTORG?

Yes, absolutely. We have you covered from all sides. To prevent frauds, cyber attacks, data tampering, incomplete deliveries or deliveries of dirty coins, we took all possible security measures by implementing/obtaining: 

  • licenses to run a business in fiat/crypto. 
  • latest AI-based workflow tools.
  • level 2 PCI DSS certificate that proves compliance with top standards established for card and personal data protection.

Moreover, Visa and MasterCard use their own security systems to protect their debit, credit and virtual cards.

Near stored safely

Developers are experts in protecting you against cyber threats, but it is your job not to be careless with your personal data. Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t trust online wallets. 
  2. Get a new email address each time you register a wallet or a new account related to any DeFi service.
  3. Don’t shun 2FA; it works.
  4. Protect private keys of your wallets, only fraudsters request this data! 
  5. Don’t disclose your wallet/card balance. 

Bear in mind that blockchain transactions are irreversible; check twice any data entered in order forms.

Step-by-Step guide


Step zero

Here is a brief checklist of items you need have near to buy Near with NOK:

  • A crypto wallet for Near, the native wallet is best.
  • Email address for interacting with UTORG.
  • A valid Visa/MasterCard bank card or login credentials for APMs — alternative payment methods (e.g. instant bank transfers, local e-wallets etc.).

A selfie camera and documents for an ID check (for new users only)


Ordering Near

The purchase form is simple and transparent:

  1. Enter the amount of Near or fiat. UTORG does the math and this amount is final. No changes or hidden charges. Bear in mind though that your bank can charge an additional conversion fee if your card account currency is not in the list of currencies we support. Also, alternative payment methods (wallets, instant transfer tools, etc.) may charge their own commissions. For more details, address your bank or a relevant service provider.
  2. Paste the deposit address of your Near wallet into the relevant field. 

Check the form, hit Buy Near.


Email and country of residence

Are you a real person from a country where UTORG services are available? To make sure you are:

  1. Specify an email address when prompted. 
  2. Check your mailbox for the 6-digit confirmation code. Don’t forget the Spam folder. 
  3. Copy and paste the code into the dialog to confirm the address. 
  4. Select Norway from the list. 

Checkout is next.



All UTORG users can checkout with any Visa/MasterCard card or use several alternative payment methods (APM), for example, prepaid cards, e-wallets, instant bank transfers, etc.

Note that availability of APMs depends on your country of residence and fiat currency used for payment. Be advised that some APMs charge additional fees. 

To checkout with a card, take 2 easy steps:

  1. Enter the name on card, card number, expiry date, secret code into a familiar form.
  2. Authorize payment by giving the confirmation code from an SMS (3-D Secure Protocol check).


If it is your first order here, take a short identity verification procedure. We cannot skip it, but we squeezed it into 5 minutes and 2 steps.


ID check

New on UTORG? Tell us who you are then. It will only take 5 minutes:

  1. Upload an image of your ID issued in Norway.
  2. Turn on your selfie camera and say “cheese” for a liveness check. 

Our AI-based solution will process data in no time at all, promis. And, no worries about the money. Frozen, but not taken. Actual charge-off does not take place unless and until you are fully verified. If you don’t take the verification, the money will be automatically released within 24 hours.


Delivery of Near

Once the deal amount is paid, we send Near to your wallet. Near blockchain is very fast and you are likely to have coins delivered to your wallet in just 2 minutes. Anyway, we will send you a link to a real time transaction status tracker to keep you updated.

If you feel something is not right, do not hesitate to email the support service or text us in the live chat.

Frequently asked questions

Any fees charged on UTORG?

UTORG sticks to zero-fees whenever possible. Also we never charge any hidden commissions exceeding the amounts specified in the order form. If there is a fee we cannot avoid, you will be aware of it. Again, bear in mind fees of external service providers (APMs, banks).

Note that your bank can charge an additional conversion fee if your payment currency is outside our fiat list. Contact your bank for details.

How fast to get Near?

Instant deal processing and no time wasted on registration, this is UTORG. Allow 5 minutes more for an ID check, if you are new to our service.

How often do I have to take the ID check?

Never more. It is a procedure taken once at your first order.

Will UTORG charge me before verification?

Nope. Actual payment does not take place before successful identity verification. Yet, the money is locked on your account for the duration of the procedure. It helps avoid unexpected rate vacillations. If for some reason verification fails, the money is immediately released and you get back control over it as soon as the bank reacts.

Is it safe to buy on UTORG?

Yes. We took all known measures to ensure maximum transaction security:

Achieved top security standards and got a level 2 PCI DSS certificate.

Transaction rejected. Eww..

Yes, it’s painful. But do not allow yourself to dive into a cycle of self-pity. Better ask questions and act:

  • Is your card balance enough to pay the deal?
  • Could there be an error? Retry checking out.
  • Is there anything wrong with the card? Try another one (e.g. from Bank Norwegian AS), debit cards seem more stable. Also, check whether there are APMs you could use (e.g. e-wallets, prepaid cards, instant bank transfers).
  • Contact your bank and ask to authorize the transaction

That said, it is a rare issue.

My fiat is not on your list

Not a problem. You can checkout with any currency from the list, regardless of. But bear in mind that your bank can then charge the so-called conversion fee. For more details on the fee, contact your bank.

Any limits?

Yup, full info is available at the limits page. Here is a recap:

  • 12 transactions within any given 24 hours paid with the same card (or via any other available payment method);
  • 4,999 euros or an equivalent in the deal currency is the limit for a single transaction.

The monthly limit is determined by your current verification level (check your profile); note that just as the daily limit, it is not tied to the calendar and is calculated as a 31-day period after a purchase.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way