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How to buy NEAR

To get USN coin with USD

1. Fill out a simple order form with either USN (Near) or fiat cash amounts. The total will be calculated by the service. This sum will not change, and we do not charge any extra costs. Note that we are not responsible for fees charged by third-party organizations and services (banks, payment services). 

2. Validate the entry, then click Buy USN. 

3. Pay with a credit or debit card, or use any other acceptable payment option in your area. 

If this is your first time purchasing cryptocurrency through UTORG, you will also be required to complete a brief verification process. We incorporated cutting-edge AI-based algorithms and enhanced the logic, so you'll only need five minutes. 

Not quite prepared to purchase a USN coin from us? Questions? Then, read the tutorial below or swipe left for information on crypto wallets and safe currency storage.

Wallets for USN

USN coin is supported by the vast majority of popular cryptocurrency wallets; you may choose between hardware (cold) and software (hot) wallets to get started. 

Cold wallets are bulky and pricey. But at the moment both Ledger and Trezor don’t support USN. On mobile, we recommend Sender. It is simple to acquire and quick, and it needs no setting or user training.

Fresh wallet

With hardware crypto wallets, it may be a little difficult, and you must also wait for the device to arrive. For immediate pleasure, we recommend smartphone applications such as Near Wallet. Simply transfer them to your preferred device, and that's all. 

To place an order, copy the USN (Near) deposit address and paste it into the order form.

After purchasing USN crypto

Grats on your purchase! It will be processed quickly by UTORG, while blockchain is slower owing to its protocols. According to the media, however, the USN (Near) network is quick, so you may anticipate receiving your coins within one or two minutes. However, network traffic varies, so do not worry if there is a delay. 

Also, utilize your account to monitor the progress of a transaction at any time. 

Even if the transaction fails, which is exceedingly improbable, we will refund your whole deposit and inform you as required.

Is shopping at UTORG safe?

Yes. UTORG is properly licensed to offer services in the crypto realm and complies with all current laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

In addition, we have achieved a level 2 PCI DSS certification, which demonstrates our adherence to the highest security requirements. 

In addition, external payment platforms are equipped with their own security tools and procedures.

Storing money securely

App developers spend a great deal of time and energy creating secure cryptocurrency wallets, yet an open wallet is never secure, correct? Here are some guidelines for avoiding problems and keeping your encryption secure: 

1. They are insufficiently secure, therefore avoid using them. 

2. Ensure that you establish a different email address for each financial service you use. 

3. Two-factor authentication is beneficial and should not be overlooked. 

4. Even if requested, do not provide your account balance or other important information to strangers. 

5. When generating transactions, verify your input. Transactions on a blockchain cannot be undone.

Step-by-Step guide


Primary step

To purchase USN crypto with USD - United States dollar, you must have: 

  • A USN wallet that is active, such as Near Wallet
  • A registration email for an account 
  • A Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card with sufficient funds, or credentials for the alternative payment method you want to use 
  • Prepare your ID and webcam for an identity verification before placing your first purchase.


Before the take-off

To buy Near with USD have the following near:

  • A wallet for Near coins.
  • Valid email to create an order.
  • A band card from Visa/MasterCard or APM login credentials (alternative payment methods, e.g. instant bank transfers, local e-wallets etc.).

And, if new to UTORG, a selfie camera and documents for an identity verification.


Making a purchase

Complete the order form online: 

1. Enter either the amount in crypto or fiat, and the service will compute and set the deal amount. If a cost is unavoidable, it will be clearly stated on the form. 

2. Note that we are not responsible for costs charged by other payment methods or banks or by third-party services. 

3. Enter your wallet's deposit address after completing the calculations. 

4. If all the information is accurate, click the Buy USN button.


Ordering coins

Fill in a simple order form:

  1. Enter the amount of Near you want to get or of USD you are ready to spend. The service will do the calculation according to the current rates. Keep in mind that some APMs (wallets, instant transfer tools, etc.) charge their own commissions (refer to a specific service provider for clarifications).
  2. Enter the deposit address of your Near wallet into the field below. 
  3. Everything is correct? Check it well! Then, click Buy Near.

Checkout and verification for new customers are next.


Account setup

Now we need to create a new account for you and check whether the service is available in your country. All you have to do is:

  1. Give us your email address and check the mailbox for confirmation code
  2. Copy the code and paste it in the next dialogue. 
  3. Then select your country from the list. 

Next is checkout.


Email and country

To make sure you are not a bot and come from a country we are allowed to service, do the following:

  1. Enter your email address when prompted. 
  2. Copy a 6-digit confirmation code we sent to this address (mind the Spam folder). 
  3. Copy the code and paste it into the confirmation field. 
  4. Choose your country from the list. 

Now let’s checkout.


Purchasing your USN

If available in your location, you may purchase USN crypto using a credit card or another payment method. Please be aware that some services may impose additional fees that we can not control. Here are the steps for paying using a Visa/MasterCard credit or debit card: 

1. Fill out a standard form with your card information. 

2. Permit the transaction by providing the SMS verification code (3-D Secure Protocol check). 

Now that you have completed the purchase, if you are a new customer, please complete the verification steps.


Checkout with card or AMP

All users can pay with any valid Visa/MasterCard card. We also have integrated several popular APMs (alternative payment methods, e.g. e-wallets, prepaid cards, instant transfer services to make UTORG available to more people worldwide). 

Yet, APM availability is determined by your country of residence and payment currency. Note that some services charge their own fees that we don’t control. 

Paying with a card is easy:

  1. Specify your card details in a standard form.
  2. Allow the payment by providing code from an SMS (3-D Secure Protocol check). 

So much for the checkout! Time for the verification, if you're new here. Otherwise you are all done.


Identification checks at UTORG

It is a requirement that first-time purchasers undergo a brief identification verification process, but we've made it quick and painless. You will get the result within 3 minutes because of our superior AI-based algorithms. Take these two actions: 

1. You must upload a photo of your passport, driver's license, or other document. 

2. Pass the photo identity check. Please note that you might switch between devices throughout the operation. 

If everything is in order, the funds that were frozen on your account in the previous stage will be released. If not, the funds will be released immediately. Also, if you do nothing, it will be released in 24 hours.


Identify verification

If it’s your first purchase with us, we need to learn more about you to comply with the law. Please, do the following:

  1. Upload an image of your valid ID document.
  2. Pose before your selfie camera so that we could make sure you do exist. 

That’s it. Now our AI-based tool will take care of the data. The result will be ready in 3 minutes. Only if everything is alright, will we charge your card or account. Now the money is just locked. If you choose not to take the verification, the money will be released within 24 hours.


Coins delivery

Immediately after receiving payment, USN will be sent to your cryptocurrency wallet. The USN network is renowned for its rapid transaction processing, thus it is possible that you will get your coins within two to five minutes, or possibly sooner. 

Use our online tracker to verify the progress of a transaction. You can find it on your profile, and we will also provide you a direct link when you place an order. 

If you want assistance, please contact the support staff via email or use the live chat feature on the website.


Delivery of coins

Once we get the payment, we send you coins. Just that simple. Near is also faster than other blockchains, so you can expect the delivery in 2 minutes or so

Also you can watch your transaction status change in a tracker; we will give you a link to it.

Have questions? Contact the support service by email or reach us in the live chat.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need a fee?

Our objective is lowest fees and most openness. We provide a $0 blockchain charge wherever feasible, and if a fee cannot be avoided, we mention it in the order conditions. Therefore, prior to taking definite action, you determine the whole cost. 

Note that other payment methods may have their own costs; banks may impose a currency conversion fee if your card is connected to an account in a currency that we do not currently offer. Contact separate service providers for information on third-party costs.

Does UTORG have fees?

Whenever possible, UTORG charges no fees. We also avoid all hidden payments, fees, commissions. If there are any we cannot avoid, you will be advised beforehand. 

Note that there can be additional fees from external services (e.g. alternative payment method providers, banks, etc.). Contact the relevant service provider for more details.

How quickly will my wallet get USN?

Order processing is instantaneous when you buy USN from us. Blockchain requires some time to conduct the transaction, but the USN network is quick, so there is a strong probability that you will get your coins within 2 to 5 minutes. If a delay occurs, you shouldn't be concerned since it often occurs during peak network use.

How fast will I get Near?

UTORG will not take more than a couple of minutes of your time. If new, allow 5 minutes more for a verification and that’s it. Thanks to Near protocol, coins will be delivered faster compared to other networks.

Are all orders subject to verification?

No, only the first one. After taking it, you'll be able to purchase crypto even more quickly.

How often does a user have to take the ID check?

Only once. Verification is carried out at your first order.

Will you accept payment without verification?

The brief response is "No." Following the checkout, the funds are frozen for the length of the process. We establish the order criteria to prevent rate variations. If you pass the verification, the funds are withheld; otherwise, they are released. Additionally, if no action is taken within 24 hours, the funds are released.

Will you take the money before verification?

No. The money remains locked in your bank account for the duration of verification. It allows us to fix the exchange rate and the deal amount. If the verification is successful, we take the money, otherwise it is released immediately. Also the money is released in 24 hours if you choose not to take the ID check.

Is the usage of UTORG risk-free?

It is true. UTORG exerts a great deal of effort to ensure maximum security and compliance with the most stringent international standards and legislation (e.g. GDPR). We got licenses to offer services in the crypto area and a level 2 PCI DSS accreditation attesting to our adherence to international best standards. 

Is UTORG safe?

Yes. We are a duly licenced service allowed to offer fiat/crypto exchange service. Moreover, we adhere to strictest information security standards which is proved by a level 2 PCI DSS certificate.

Bank payment was refused

Here's how to deal with it when it occurs: 

  • Check your account balance; you may need to add funds or lower the deal amount. 
  • Repeat the payment attempt; 
  • Try using a different card or another accessible payment option. A card from another bank, such as Wells Fargo & Co., may be used, and debit cards are superior to credit cards in general. 
  • If none of the above solutions work, contact your bank for assistance.

My bank rejected the payment

Eww, happens. But don’t panic. Better try the following:

  • Check your card balance;
  • Retry checking out, errors do occur;
  • Try another card, we suggest opting for debit cards, as they seem to be more stable. Also remember about APMs (e.g. e-wallets, prepaid cards, instant bank transfers).
  • Contact your bank and ask to allow the payment.

Anyway, rejections occur seldom and in most cases are resolved easily.

How much USN can I buy?

We implement restrictions to prevent money laundering and the funding of terrorists. Here you'll get all the information. Here's a synopsis: 

  • Within a 24-hour period, you may conduct a maximum of 12 transactions using the same credit card, debit card, or other payment method. The limit for a single transaction is 7,999 euros or the equivalent in the deal's currency. 
  • Check the verification level chosen in your profile for the monthly allotment (meaning any given 30 days, not a calendar month). To purchase more, advance to a higher level by supplying further information about yourself.

Are there limits? Can I buy 1m Near?

1m would be complicated, indeed. But, gratz on being rich. Anyway, here is exhausting information on the limits. Here is a summary. You can:

  • Make 12 transactions paid with the same card/APM within any given 24 hours (not tied to the calendar);
  • Spend up to 7,999 euros (or an equivalent in the USD) in a single transaction;

Check your profile for information on your current verification level, as it determines your monthly allowance. Upgrade to spend more. Note that the monthly limit is also calculated as a 31-day period after a purchase.

Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way
Live chat support
Our support team is ready to help you
via email at every step of the way